Hunan Juvenile steadfastly pursues its goal to be “a kid’s best friend” by introducing quality content from far and near. Last year, the 36-year-old publisher released more than 600 new titles, including originals such as China’s Silk Road picture books, literature titles such as Tang Sulan’s Little Lotus and Stories Told by Mei Zihan, and the Wide View pop-science series. A total of 23 titles won various awards in China, and annual sales exceeded 400 million copies.

Original children’s literature has always been Hunan Juvenile’s focus, president Hu Jian says. “Last year, we not only published Little Lotus but also launched Tang Sulan’s Heartwarming Childhood series, Qin Wenjun’s Prince’s Adventure series, Mao Lulu’s Tomboy Mao series, Mu Ling’s Children’s Science series, and many more. These works, imbued with childlike innocence, bring positive energy that helps in the growing-up process.” The team also introduced DK’s Follow the Trail series, Britannica’s Educational Comics, Highlights’ The Classic Book for Culture Mindfulness, and a series of children’s literature books by Erich Kästner.

A combination of various promotional and sales strategies—including online and bricks-and-mortar activities around new book launches, author talks, and expert-led classes and promotional events—continues to work well for Hunan Juvenile. “The goal is to provide potential readers and buyers with immediate access to publication information and to make sure they understand the value of the books. These activities will help us in generating sales, branding, and cultivating loyalty,” Hu says, adding that some titles launched last year have sold more than 50,000 copies and remain strong sellers due to the intensity of the team’s promotional and sales activities.

The team held more than 200 events in 2017 and organized the 2017 International Children’s Book Fair to promote win-win collaboration among Chinese children’s publishing houses and to increase the quality and value of the published titles entering the Chinese market.

This year, Hunan Juvenile will continue with its many events and activities. “We will be hosting the 14th Asian Children’s Literature Convention and the First World Children’s Literature Convention,” Hu says. “The hosting of such large-scale academic and cultural events affords us the opportunity to promote the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign children’s literature and culture. We will be able to open up the world of books, reading, and knowledge to children all over the world.”