Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff was the top-selling nonfiction title in Germany and France at the end of February and was #13 on the combined fiction and nonfiction list in the Netherlands.

In second place on Germany’s nonfiction list was Yellow Bar Mitzvah, the autobiography of German rapper Dimitri Chpakov, who is also known as Sun Diego and SpongeBozz. In fiction, Punishment, the newest thriller by Ferdinand von Schirach, was in third place in its first week on sale. Von Schirach is a lawyer-turned-author whose novels have been translated into 35 languages. A number of his books have been released in the U.S. by different publishers.

The top seller in the Netherlands at the end February was Gordon, the biography of Dutch entertainer Gordon Heuckeroth. In second place was The 91 Story Treehouse, the latest in Andy Griffith’s Treehouse series. The new book, illustrated by Terry Denton, will be published in the U.S. in July by Fiewel and Friends.

Moving into the #1 spot on Italy’s combined bestseller list in mid-February was When the Recluse Comes Out by Fred Vargas, the latest in her series of mysteries starring Parisian police commissioner Adamsberg. Vargas is the pseudonym of Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau, a French historian, archaeologist, and novelist.


Rank Title Author Imprint
1 Mein Herz in zwei Welten (Still Me) Jojo Moyes Wunderlich
2 Die Geschichte des verlorenen Kindes (The Story of the Lost Child) Elena Ferrante Suhrkamp
3 Strafe (Punishment) Ferdinand von Schirach Luchterhand
1 Feuer und Zorn (Fire and Fury) Michael Wolff Rowohlt
2 Yellow Bar Mitzvah (Yellow Bar Mitzvah) Sun Diego Riva
3 Der Skandal der Skandale (The Scandal of Scandals) Lütz/Angenendt Herder

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Fiction & Nonfiction Combined
Rank Title Author Imprint
1 Il morso della reclusa (When the Recluse Comes Out) Fred Vargas Einaud
2 Sono sempre io (Still Me) Jojo Moyes Mondadori
3 Dieci cose da sapere... (Ten Things to Know About the Italian Economy...) Alan Friedman Newton Compton
4 Chiamami col tuo nome (Call Me by Your Name) André Aciman Guanda
5 Quando tutto inizia (When Everything Starts) Fabio Volo Arcobaleno
6 Davanti agli occhi (Before Your Eyes Roberto Emanuelli Rizzoli

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Fiction & Nonfiction Combined
Rank Title Author Imprint
1 Gordon (Gordon) Marcel Langedijk Lebowski
2 De waanzinnige boomhut van 91 verdiepingen (The 91-Story Treehouse) Griffiths/Denton Lannoo
3 De acht Bergen (The Eight Mountains) Paolo Cognetti De Bezige Bij
4 De winter voorbij (In the Midst of Winter) Isabel Allende Wereldbibliotheek
5 Kruip nooit achter een geranium (Never Crawl Behind a Geranium) Barbara van Beukering Spectrum
6 De avond is ongemak (The Evening Is Inconvenient) Marieke Lucas Rijneveld Atlas Contact

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