Worldreader, the charitable organization that delivers e-books to disadvantaged communities in Africa and around the world, added three million new users in 2018, bringing the total number of individuals the company has reached to 10 million, according to its 2018 annual report, released yesterday.

Users have now read for more than 100 million hours in 52 languages. Last year the organization initiated new programs in Africa, India, and with refugees in Jordan, and started a project in Mexico focusing on adult literacy. In 2019, Worldreader is expanding activities to Peru.

The organization now offers 35,000 titles through its services, which are available on e-readers, which Worldreader distributes, or through its smartphone app. Worldreader touts its efficiency in delivering materials to students, claiming the ability to deliver 150 digital books and an e-reader at a cost of $1 per student, per month.

"Every child and every adult deserves the opportunity to read – for education, economic opportunity, better health, gender equality, and just for fun.," said David Risher, CEO & co-founder of Worldreader, in the report. The stated goal for the group is to ultimately reach one billion readers.