Counterpoint, a new e-zine from CEATL, the European Council of Literary Translators Associations, has launched.

The bilingual (English and French language) publication will be published twice a year. The inaugural issue features an essay by CEATL’s president, Morten Visby, on literary translators and human rights. Other articles include a discussion on publishing translations by Marije de Bie, director of the Amsterdam Translators’ House; a call for more diversity among translators; as well as a look at the challenges of translating from Romanian, Macedonian, Welsh.

"We intend Counterpoint to live up to its name and be a place where independent and sometimes contrasting voices come together and form a stronger and more enthralling whole, much like the art of literary translation itself," said Roland Glasser, a delegate to CEATL and member of the Starling Bureau, a U.K. literary agency for translators.

Counterpoint, which is free, will also include links to stories regarding translation from around the web. Readers can sign up to receive news of the next issue online.