Authors in the U.K. are just as at risk of losing income as those in the United States as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a recent survey by the Society of Authors cited by The Bookseller. The SoA represents 11,000 writers, illustrators and literary translators. Over 1,000 authors replied to a survey and nearly 85% said the would not benefit by government support offered to the unemployed or through extensions of credit. Furthermore, 78% said they had events canceled, with more than half saying they felt they would not be able make up the lost revenue through insurance coverage or by other means, resulting in a significant loss of income.

The Society of Authors said it continues to lobby the U.K. government for support. Since the start of the pandemic, the SoA's own Author's Emergency Fund has taken in £400,000 in donations from the U.K. Arts Council, doubling the fund to £800,000. Grants to authors are typically limited to £2,000.

The Society issued a statement last week saying that authors have also "heard of requests to accept late royalty payments or renegotiated terms for payments and projects as commissioners hit financial difficulties." The SoA issued guidelines for understanding and handling the situation.