Compiled by Leylha Ahuile, with descriptions provided by the publishers




Carolina de Robertis

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-593-08245-4

A novel about five wildly different women who, in the midst of the Uruguayan dictatorship, find one another as lovers, friends, and family.

Más allá


Julia Alvarez

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-593-08258-4

Alvarez returns with her first adult novel in almost 15 years—the story of Antonia Vega, a retired immigrant writer and recent widow, who finds a pregnant undocumented teenager on her doorstep.


Nunca estás solo

(You Are Never Alone)

Max Lucado

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-14-002-2209-4

Lucado aims to show readers that they are stronger than they think because God is closer than they realize.

Renueva tu mente

(Renew Your Mind)

Miguel Núñez

Editorial Vida

ISBN 978-08-297-4450-7

Núñez’s book claims to reveal the secret to living in the midst of God’s will and enjoying the fullness of life.