Beginning in November, Spanish-language publisher Ediciones Urano will add English-language titles to its North American publishing program. The line will kick off November 17 with the release of The Actor: How to Live an Authentic Life by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book will be published simultaneously in Spanish and English in the U.S., Spain, and Latin America.

Joaquín Sabaté, CEO of Spain-based Ediciones Urano, said the agreement with Ruiz is the first step in what he hopes will be a robust English-language U.S. publishing list. "After 20 years of working the Spanish market in the U.S., it seemed logical to us to jump into English. This global agreement with a bestselling author, capable of selling millions of copies of his books in the U..S, reinforces our position and allows our company to climb a few steps in the ranks of international publishers," Sabaté said in a statement.

Urano will follow the publication of The Actor with other titles in Ruiz's "Mystery School" series. Sabaté said Urano is close to reaching deals with a number of other authors and hopes to publish up to 10 English-language titles in the U.S. next year. Distribution is being handled through Spanish Publishers.

Ruiz is best known as the author of The Four Agreements, which has sold more than six million copies in the U. S. and seven million worldwide. His books have been translated into over 40 different languages and he has sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

In addition to its headquarters in Spain, Urano has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, the U.S., Uruguay, and Peru.