Compiled by Leylha Ahuile, with descriptions provided by the publishers.


En un instante

(In an Instant)

Suzanne Redfearn


ISBN 978-607-99032-0-6

Life ends instantly for 16-year-old Finn Miller when an accident throws her and 10 others down a mountainside. Her father seeks revenge against the only person he can blame.


Brujería verde

(Green Witchcraft)

Paige Vanderbeck


ISBN 978-84-18531-07-1

This book is centered around living in harmony with the Earth. It explores practices like growing herbs for magic and medicine, honoring spirits of nature, and using crystals for energy.

Deberías hablarlo con alguien

(Maybe You Should Talk to Someone)

Lori Gottlieb


ISBN 978-84-16720-87-3

With humor, Gottlieb, a therapist in Los Angeles, invites readers into her world as both clinician and patient.

Kamala Harris

(Kamala’s Way)

Dan Morain


ISBN 978-84-18557-25-5

A biography tracing Harris’s journey to become the first woman of color elected as vice president of the U.S.


Animales fantásticos

(Fantastic Animals)

Amaia Arrazola

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-18304-00-2

In this interactive bestiary, readers can create fantastic animals by combining the flaps to form wonderful creatures.

Buenas noches, Llamita

(Goodnight, Little Llama)

Amanda Wood, illus. by Bec Winnel and Vikki Chu

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-17749-94-1

Little Llama wants to climb the mountain, but can’t—until she makes a new friend, who doesn’t look a bit like her.

Buenas noches, Pingüinito

(Goodnight, Little Penguin)

Amanda Wood, illus. by Bec Winnel and Vikki Chu

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-17749-96-5

Little Penguin doesn’t want to go to nursery with the other penguin chicks. But soon he discovers making friends can be fun!

Dinosaurios enamorados

(Dinosaurs in Love)

Fenn Rosenthal, illus. by Hannah Jacobs

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-18304-14-9

The picture book featuring the viral song by Fenn Rosenthal arrives in Spanish. A tender, honest, and innocent story about love, longing, and loss through the eyes of a three-year-old.

Las fabulosas aventuras de Aurora

(The Fabulous Adventures of Aurore)

Douglas Kennedy, illus. by Joann Sfar

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-18304-16-3

Eleven-year-old Aurore, an autistic girl who can read behind other people’s eyes, investigates her friend’s disappearance in this mysterious story about difference, bullying, and family.

Mejores amigas (casi siempre)

(My Best Friend, Sometimes)

Naomi Danis, illus. by Cinta Arribas

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-17749-99-6

Best friends share secrets and cookies, and care for each other. But sometimes they can’t agree on everything. Friendship has its ups and downs, doesn’t it?