Los abismos

(The Abysses)

Pilar Quintana


ISBN 978-16-44733-90-5

Quintana’s 2021 Alfaguara Prize–winning novel delves into the darkness of an adult world through the eyes of a young girl as she tries to understand the conflictive relationship between her parents.

La orden

(The Order)

Daniel Silva

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-006-294367-5

Silva delivers another thriller in which friendship and faith are intertwined in a perilous and uncertain world.

Tomás Nevinson

(Tomás Nevinson)

Javier Marías


ISBN 978-84-20454-59-7

Two men, one in fiction and one in reality, had the opportunity to kill Hitler before he started WWII. Through this lens, Marías explores the basis of “Thou shalt not kill.”


17 minutos: Entrevista con el dictador

(17 Minutes: An Interview with the Dictator)

Jorge Ramos

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-16-44734-14-8

Univision’s Ramos describes his 2019 interview with Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, which ended after 17 minutes, when Maduro exited the interview and had Ramos and his team detained and deported.

La colina que ascendemos: Un poema inaugural (bilingual ed.)

(The Hill We Climb)

Amanda Gorman


ISBN 978-16-44734-36-0

On January 20, Gorman became the sixth and youngest person to deliver a poetry reading at a U.S. presidential inauguration. She captivated the nation with her poem “The Hill We Climb.”

Con ganas de vivir. Memorias

(A Desire to Live: A Memoir)

Don Francisco


ISBN 978-16-44733-89-9

The octogenarian TV show host reflects on what he’s learned in his decades-long career and the challenges he has faced both as a TV personality and in his personal life.

Gabo y Mercedes: una despedida

(A Farewell to Gabo and Mercedes: A Son’s Memoir)

Rodrigo García Barcha

Penguin Random House

ISBN 978-16-44733-95-0

The son of Nobel Prize–winner and internationally bestselling author Gabriel García Márquez remembers his father and mother in this memoir about love and loss.

La grasa cura, el azúcar mata

(Fat Heals, Sugar Kills)

Bruce Fife


ISBN 978-84-18531-03-3

The author argues that the sugar industry influenced and transformed traditional superfoods into dietary monsters. Learn how to use powerful fats to reverse disease and achieve better health.

El secreto mas grande

(The Greatest Secret)

Rhonda Byrne

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-006-309098-9

Byrne, author of the bestseller The Secret, strives in her latest to offer readers a path to end pain and suffering without anxiety or fear.


Cómo ser una pirata

(How to Be a Pirate)

Isaac Fitzgerald and Brigette Barrager


ISBN 978-84-9145-422-9

CeCe dreams of being a pirate, but neighborhood boys tell her that she can’t. Luckily, her grandpa knows about being a pirate. Why else would he have those tattoos?

Un paseo por el bosque

(A Trip to the Forest)

Mariona Tolosa Sisteré

Editorial Flamboyant

ISBN 978-84-18304-09-5

Sisteré describes a short but engaging trip that appeals to the five senses—one that might make both children and adults see the natural environment in a different way.