Canada is the Guest of Honor country at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair in October. In advance of the fair, Canada’s organizing committee, Canada FBM2021, produced Singular Plurality—Singulier Pluriel, a magazine highlighting some of the best aspects of Canadian literary life. The following three articles are excerpts from the publication.

The full conversation is available on Canada FBM2021’s YouTube channel. For more information about these authors and for the full version of Singular Plurality—Singulier Pluriel, visit

Below, more on Canada FBM 2021:

Canada FBM 2021: Canada’s Literary Wilderness

Canadian literature explores the relationships between people and the land.

Canada FBM 2021: Innovative Margaret Atwood
The author of 'The Handmaid’s Tale' reflects on writing in a time of crisis.

Canada FBM 2021: We Contain Multitudes
Canadian authors Esi Edugyan, Catherine Hernandez, and Kim Thúy talk identity and writing.