Spring Spanish-language releases compiled by Ed Nawotka, with descriptions provided by publishers.


Corre, Rose, corre
(Run, Rose, Run)

Dolly Parton and James Patterson. Contraluz, out now

Parton and Patterson tell the tale of a singer/songwriter who travels to Nashville to pursue her dream of stardom. She finds success, but her hidden past soon catches up to her.

La hipótesis del amor
(The Love Hypothesis)

Ali Hazelwood. Contraluz, out now

Olive wants to make her best friend believe she is happily dating a new man, so she enlists Adam Carlsen, a hot young professor, for help. But she didn’t know where the charade would lead.


Nuestra hambre en la Habana (Our Hunger in Havana)

Enrique Del Risco. Plataforma,
out now

In this memoir, Del Risco looks back on Havana in the tumultuous period following the breakup of the Soviet Union.


Act: Vota por Olivia (Act)

Kayla Miller. Maeva, Apr.

Olive is excited to start sixth grade and is looking forward to a field trip to the big city. But when she finds out that some kids will be excluded due to a restrictive school policy, she decides to help them.

Gracia y gloria (Grace and Glory)

Jennifer L. Armentrout. Plataforma, out now

Trinity Marrow has lost both the battle and her Protector, whom she loved. Bringing Lucifer back to confront the Herald is a terrible idea, but she has no other alternative.

La rosa de mi jardín
(The Rose in My Harden)

Arnold Lobel. Corimbo, Apr.

In this story, a garden bursts into life with the blossoming of a rose. Different types of flowers appear and soon insects and animals frolic among the plants.

Sam: Una sombra rebelde
(Smoot: A Rebellious Shadow)

Michelle Cuevas. Juventud, out now

Smoot the shadow is bored. The boy to whom he is attached never smiles or does anything crazy. Smoot longs to be free, and, one day, his dream comes true.