In partnership with Bologna Books Plus, PW hosted a roundtable discussion, "Books in Translation and the U.S. Market.' The event, held on October 6 in New York City, features a collection of professionals discussing basics about how rights are bought and sold to American titles abroad, as well as to titles in translation in the U.S. Speakers, which included various professions, from scouts to agents to translators, also discussed trends in this market.

An audio recording of the discussion, which PW's Rachel Deahl moderated, can be found here:

Speakers include: Nicole Bond (Simon & Schuster); Soumeya Roberts (HG Literary); Danny Baror (the Baror International Agency); Michael Reynolds (Europa Editions); Kris Kliemann, (Kliemann & Company); Agnes Ahlander Turner (Maria B Campbell Associates); Ben Schrank (Astra Publishing House); Sarah McNally (McNally Jackson); Allison Markin Powell (translator).