Bestselling author Tom Clancy will deliver his first newbook in seven years when his longtime publisher Penguin releases Dead or AliveDecember 7. The novel will be published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in the U.S. with simultaneous release in the U.K. by MichaelJoseph. Dead or Alive will feature all of Clancy's best-know characters, includingJack Ryan who, along with other Campus recruits, is dispatched by the newpresident to track down the "Emir," the mastermind of "vicious terroristattacks on the West," according to Penguin. The new novel "is very much of themoment," Putnam head Ivan Held said. "It's Clancy's all-stars taking on themodern threat of terrorism."

Collaborating with Clancy will be Grant Blackwood, a U.S.Navy veteran who is the author of the Briggs Tanner series and who has collaboratedwith Clive Cussler on two works, including the upcoming Lost Empire. "Anyonewho has read any of Clancy's books or played his videogames will love this book,"predicted Held, who noted that the book is finished and is, in keeping with Clancy's tradition, "full length." A tentative price of $28.95 has been set and Penguin is announcing a first printing of 1.75 million copies. The e-book will be released simultaneously with the hardcover and Berkley will publish the paperback in 2011.

Held promised a "massive" marketing campaign for the new book that will involve Clancy in some capacity.