Starting December 1, the Perseus Books Group will expand its Constellation service internationally and in the process allow customers in foreign countries to buy copies of U.S. titles in e-book or print-on-demand formats in territories were a publisher has English-language rights. All publishers that use the Constellation service in the U.S. are eligible to use the international option. Perseus president David Steinberger believes that demand for English-language books overseas will explode as the number of e-reading devices grows internationally and rather than meet that demand by exporting physical books, Perseus will use more efficient digital alternatives.

Perseus’ overseas partners are Amazon (including CreateSpace), Kobo, Edwards Brothers, OverDrive and Lightning Source. will supply e-books to customers worldwide from its U.S. site, while Amazon AEU will supply e-books to customers who use its U.K. and European sites. OverDrive will handle e-book and digital audiobook sales to its international markets (the U.K., Europe, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America/Caribbean), while Kobo will supply e-books to the international markets it serves (Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia). CreateSpace AEU, Lightning and Edwards Brothers will fulfill print-on-demand orders in countries where they have facilities, which primarily serve the U.K and continental Europe. The POD options will include filling individual orders as well as print-to-stock orders.

A second wave of international offerings from Perseus is expected to be made in the spring.