New Deals for Finland's Simukka
Sisterland and the Snow White trilogy, both by Finnish YA author Salla Simukka, have sold to Crown Books for Young Readers. The deals were brokered by Elina Ahlback, who has an eponymous shingle and control all rights. The trilogy has sold in 52 countries to date, and Crown's edition of the first book in the series, As Red As Blood, will be released in January 2017. (The trilogy was originally published in U.S. by Amazon; it released its edition of As Red As Blood in 2014.) Sisterland will be released in Finland, by Tammi, in October, and will be released in the U.S. by Crown in 2018. An English language film adaptation of the Snow White trilogy is also in the works; film company Zero Gravity Management is working with Elina Ahlback Literary on the project. In Sisterland an 11-year-old named Alice finds herself in a world full of faeries and dream weavers, and must find the queen who rules the land in order to end the snowfall in her own world.

Dutch Novel Sells in U.S.
Dan Lazar at Writers House has just sold Ernest Van der Kwast's The Ice-Cream Makers, which was originally published by Dutch house De Bezige Bij in January 2015. Dawn Davis bought North American rights the novel, for her 37 Ink imprint at Atria, and is planning to release the title in summer 2017. Lazar handled the sale on behalf of Amanda Tokar at Scribe, who acquired world English rights from De Bezige Bij; rights to the book have already sold in Germany, China, and Korea. The novel focuses on a man who is heir to an Italian ice cream dynasty, but decides to break with the family business in order to travel and be a poet. That is, until a request from his brother lures him back into familial fold.

New Swedish Thriller Installment Sells in Denmark; Climbs Charts
The Beggar by Sofie Sarenbrant is the new book in the Emma Sköld Swedish detective series. The first two books in the series, Killer Deal and Ward 73, sold in seven territories, and The Beggar just sold to People's Press in Denmark. The Beggar had a 50,000 copy first printing, and is currently #9 on the hardcover bestseller list in Sweden. Philip Sane of Lennart Sane Agency controls all rights. In the novel, beggars are being murdered and the media begins to wonder if a serial killer is to blame.