Backlist Memoir by Escobar's Lover Heats Up
Spanish agency Casanovas & Lynch is making new deals for an old book: Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar by Virginia Vallejo, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's one-time lover. The book, originally published in 2007 by Debate in Spain and Latin America, details the years Vallejo spent with Escobar up through his 1993 death. A film adaptation of the book, starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, is set to be released by Millennium Films in English in fall 2017. The book was recently preempted by Objectiva in Portugal and Agora in Poland. There are also eight offers on the title in Italy (it is auctioning now there), and two in from houses in France. Casanovas & Lynch is handling worldwide rights to the book on behalf of the Liepman Agency (except in Germany).

French Biblio-Therapist Novel Sells in Italy
Michaël Uras' Take Two Chapters and Call Me In the Morning, about a therapist who helps his patients through literature, has sold in Italy. The French book will be published in September by Preludes Editions; in Italy it was acquired by Nord. The 2 Seas Literary Agency is handling world rights to the book on behalf of Preludes. In the novel, a man who works as a "biblio-therapist" begins to wonder if he should start using his own literature-based healing process in order to deal with his own problems. Uras is the author of two previous novels, including Chercher Proust.

Swedish Book on Youthful Living Goes Global
10 Tips: The No Frills Guide to Living 10 Years Longer by Bertil Marklund, M.D., has now sold in nine territories, with offers in from publishers in six other countries. Sweden’s Ahlander Agency is handling all rights for the book, which was originally self-published in Sweden. Marklund is a medical doctor, professor of general medicine, and a specialist in public health. The slim books clocks in at just over 100 pages, because, according to Ahlander Agency, the author wanted to keep it simple and easily accessible for readers. In the book, Marklund explains that the key to longevity is preventing the occurrence of low-grade inflammation in the body.

Spanish House Buys Bestselling Italian Memoir
The Italian bestseller My Brother Runs After Dinosaurs: My Story and Giovanni’s, Who Has An Extra Chromosome (Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri), which was originally published by Italy's Einaudi Editore in April 2016, has been preempted, in a world Spanish rights deal, by Penguin Random House. The memoir, by Giacomo Mazzariol, is currently in its sixth printing in the country and has its roots in a video the author took of his brother, who has Downs Syndrome. Einaudi Editore controls all rights.

Novel on Dali’s Wife Sells in France
Gala-Dali by Carmen Domingo, which was published this month in Spain by Espasa Calpe/Grupo Planeta, has sold to Presses de la Cité in France. In a previous deal, Polish rights to the book were acquired by Swiat Ksiazki. The novel chronicles the life of painter Salavdor Dali's wife and muse, Gala, who, according to promotional material, was obsessed with money and satisfying her dreams. Barcelona-based Pontas Agency controls all rights to the book.