Pubs Drawn to Spanish Gardening Book
Gardenonlogy by Santiago Beruete has sold to Pone Alle Grazie in Italy in a preempt. The book was originally published by Turner Libros in Spain and Latin America in May 2016, and the Ella Sher Literary Agency controls all rights. Sher, describing the book, said it is a work of "philosophical history" that examines the gardens of noted philosophers, writers, and thinkers. At press time, an offer from a French publisher was also on the table.

Italian Debut Moves to Germany
The thriller Aurora in the Dark by Barbar Baraldi has sold to Goldmann Verlag in Germany in a mid five-figure deal. The Italian literary agency PNLA controls all rights to the debut novel, which was originally published in May by Giunti. The book is the first in a series featuring Aurora Scalviati, a profiler who was shot in the head and now suffers from panic attacks. In the novel, she is investigating the murder of a woman whose daughter has been kidnapped.

French Cat Book Keeps Selling
Acting and Thinking Like A Cat by Stephane Garnier, which we wrote about last month, has sold in a number of new deals. Rights have been bought by publishers in a number of countries including Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, the U.S. (where HarperCollins took world English rights), Holland and Greece. The self-help book explains how people can mimic the best qualities in felines, and was inspired by the author's cat. Paris-based publisher Editions de l'Opportun controls all rights to the book.

Fernandez Makes Waves in France
The new novel by Spanish author Laura Fernandez, Connerland, has sold to Actes Sud in France. The book was originally published, in Spanish, by Literatura Random House, PRH Group. Spain's SalmaiaLit, which controls all rights to the book, said the novel is a "a Vonnegut-esque fable" that follows a failed writer named Voss van Conner. After his death, van Conner comes back as a ghost and witnesses how he has become a posthumous literary success.