Genovesi's 'Sea' Generates Pre-Fair Buzz
The Italian novel The Sea Where The Water Is Deep, by Fabio Genovesi, is generating some noise ahead of next month's Frankfurt Book Fair. To date, it has sold to C. Bertelsmann (Germany), Lattes (France) and Signatuur (the Netherlands). The book was published by Mondadori in Italy this month, and the publisher controls all rights. In the novel, Genovesi (2015's The Breaking of a Wave) follows a 6-year-old boy named Fabio whose father has a stroke and goes into a coma.

Swedish Pregnancy Guide Draws Bidders
ExpectingThe Swedish Way: Debunking Myths about Pregnancy and Infancy and Replacing Hearsay with Science, by Agnes Wold and Cecilia Chrapkowska, has sold in Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Hungary. The book, which the Ahlander Agency is representing (and has a sample English translation of), also has offers from publishers in several other territories. Wahlström & Widstrand published the book in Sweden last month. According to the agency, the title offers a "progressive" take on navigating pregnancy and early child-rearing. It offers a "feminist de-bunk of so-called truths related to bearing and birthing" from two doctors in "the progressive land in the North."

French Novel Sells in Italy
A novel 2 Seas Agency represents, It's Always Midnight Somewhere by Cedric Lalaury, has just sold in Italy. The agency, which is selling rights on behalf of French publisher Préludes Editions, just closed on a deal for the novel with Italian publisher Ponte Alle Grazie. The novel is about a literature professor who is sent a published novel depicting a crime he committed years earlier. The book is set to be published in Italy by Préludes Editions in February 2018.

Seeck's Thriller Moves to Italy
The Finnish novel by Max Seeck, The Mephisto Touch, has sold to Newton Compton in Italy. The book marks the sophomore effort from Seeck (The Angels of Hammurabi), and is about a fugitive Finnish diplomat on the run from an Interpol agent. The Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency controls all rights to the book, which was published in Finland in August by Tammi.

Chinese Novels Sells in Korea
The Monk by Zhang Ji has just sold to Korean publisher Sallim Books. China's CITIC Press controls all rights to the novel, which follows a man who lives a grueling life working multiple jobs. After receiving advice on how to improve his existence, he joins a monastery to earn extra money. (There is a tradition in China, in which people give money to monks during Buddhist events.) CITIC published the novel in September 2016.