Book on Cat Communication Sells in Flurry of Frankfurt Deals
Austrian-based house Benevento Publishing's September release, The Secret Language of Cats by Susanne Schötz, has been drumming up interest throughout Europe. The book sold during the Frankfurt season to a number of publishers--including Forum (Sweden), Editions Tredaniel (France) and Turbine (Denmark), and the most recent deal was made with Villardi (Italy). The author is a phonetics professor at the Swedish university of Lund, and the book is based on the premise that cats use a form of vocal communication to connect with humans and other cats, and offers feline owners tips on how to better understand their pet.

Ambitious Finnish Novel Moves to France
O by Miki Liukkonen, an 859-page novel, has sold to Le Castor Astral Editeur in France. Bonniers Rights Finland is handling rights, and Finnish publisher WSOY released the book in April. The novel follows an array of diverse characters; Bonniers Rights Finland said the work is sweeping take on "what the everyday means in our world, and how to live in it."

Rediscovered Dutch Novella Draws Bidders
Sleepless Night by Margriet de Moor just sold to New Vessel Press in the U.S., as well as to House of Anansi in Canada, and Grasset in France. World rights are controlled by Dutch house De Bezige Bij. The novella was originally published in a 1989 collection of de Moor's work. This particularly novella from the collection drew renewed attention after Hanser Verlag in Germany released a standalone edition of the work last year. The novella follows a woman looking for answers about the death of her husband who, years earlier, committed suicide.

Book on Unusual Finnish Pastime Sells in Multiple Auctions
Helsinki Literary is handling rights for the book Pantsdrunk, which celebrates the Finnish cultural phenomenon known as pantsdrunk. The activity entails drinking alone at home, wearing only underwear, in order to relax and unwind. World English rights have sold to HarperCollins in the U.S. (at auction) and German rights sold (also at auction) to Goldmann. Deals for the book have been made in several other countries. Pantsdrunk will be released early next year in Finland by Schildts & Söderströms. The author, a Finnish journalist, has published a number of works of nonfiction.

Norwegian Children's Book Sells in Quick Deals
Oslo Literary Agency is handling a surge of interest in The Girl Who Wanted to Save The Books by Klaus Hagerup with illustrations by Lisa Aisato. The book sold in several deals during the Frankfurt Book Fair season, including to Bonnier Carlsen (Sweden), and Rosinante/Høst & Søn (Denmark). Published by Gyldendal in September, Girl is about a 10-year-old who wants to save unwanted library books from being destroyed.