French Novel About Teen Angst Exciting European Pubs
The Battlefield by Jérôme Colin has just sold to Italian house Stile Libero/Einaudi, with a Dutch pre-empt from De Bezige Bij having closed on it earlier this month. The 2 Seas Agency controls world rights to the book, about a set of parents raising an angst-ridden 15-year-old, on behalf of French publisher Allary Editions, which published the book this month.

Swedish Novel Sells in Flurry of Deals
A debut novel by a Swedish author, Let's Hope for the Best, has sold in a number of deals since being submitted in early March. At press time, deals for the novel by Carolina Setterwall had been made with Little, Brown (U.S.), C&K (Denmark), Aschehoug (Norway), Laguna (Serbia), and Otava (Finland). The originating publisher in Sweden is Albert Bonniers Förlag. The book examines a woman whose enigmatic partner dies a few months after she gives birth to their child. Sweden's Ahlander Agency controls all rights to the title.

French Debut Piques Pubs' Interest
Fugitive Parce Que Reine by Violaine Huisman, which was published by Gallimard in January, has sold to a number of publishers, including to Scribner in the U.S. (for North American rights). Deals for the novel have also been made with publishers in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. The book follows a mercurial French woman who is a mother and feminist; Susanna Lea Associates controls all rights.

Chinese Blockchain Book Draws Interest
Blockchain: An Illustrated Guidebook to Understanding Blockchain by Xu Mingxing, has sold to publishers in Korea and Taiwan. China's CITIC Press controls all rights to the book which was released in the country last July. The author is the chairman of the China Blockchain Research Center and the book, about the technology which allows a user to track transactions (such as those made in a digital currency like Bitcoin), features over 200 original comics.