Catalan Novel Sells in France & Germany
Learning to Talk to Plants by Catalan author Marta Orriols has sold to French publisher Editions du Seuil, and German publisher DTV. The book will be published simultaneously by Ed. del Periscopi (in Catalan) and by Lumen (in Spanish) next month. Spanish agent Salmaia Lit controls all rights. The book follows a 40-year-old doctor who learns, just before her boyfriend dies in an accident, that he had met another woman and wanted to break-up with her.

Former Foreign Minister Sells Throughout Europe
Several international sales have been made for The Eurozone Crisis by Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the former Dutch minister of finance and former chair of the Eurogroup. It's an insider account of the European debt crisis, when several Eurozone member states (such as Greece) faulted on their debt. Dutch rights have been picked up by Prometheus (who published the book this month) and the book has also been bought in Germany (Springer) and Greece (Economia). Paul Sebes at Sebes & Bisseling brokered the deals.

Spanish Bestseller Sells in Portugal
Nothing Is Really That Bad by the noted self-help author Rafael Santandreu has sold to Pergaminho/Bertrand in Portugal. The book, which is a bestseller in Spain since being published there in March by Grijalbo, utilizes principles of cognitive psychology and explores the world's happiest people. Spanish agency International Editors controls all rights.

Korean Novel Sells in Pre-Frankfurt Deals
A novel by Korean screenwriter Jimin Lee, Marilyn and Me, has sold to HarperCollins, HarperCollins UK/Fourth Estate, and HarperCollins Germany, with the deals brokered by Barbara Zitwer. The book was originally published by Open House Publishing in Korea, in 2009, and a partial English translation was prepared by Chi Young Kim, the translator of Please Look After Mom. The book is about the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and her translator Alice, during the four-day period when Marilyn performed for U.S. troops stationed in Korea.

Finnish Children's Book Sells in Germany
Dressler Verlag in Germany has acquired The Grumblebelly Cat by Magdalena Hai, at auction. The title is illustrated and inspired by a fairy tale; it's about a cat with a grumbling belly. The deal was made by Elina Ahlback of Elina Ahlback Literary. Karisto in Finland is the originating publisher.