Australian Backlist Novel Finds New Life Post Film Adaptation
Originally published in 1993, The Women in Black by Madeline St John, sold during the Frankfurt Book Fair to Albin Michel (France), and Garzanti (Italy) among other publishers. Text Publishing in Australia controls rights, and republished the book in 2009 after it went out of print in 2006. It's about a woman who takes a summer job in a Sydney department store, in 1959. A film based on the book was recently released in Australia.

Finnish Travelogue Sells in the Netherlands
The Women I Think About At Night by Mia Kankimäki sold to Orlando in the Netherlands. There are also offers in on the book from publishers in the U.S. and Germany. Originally published this year by Finnish house Otava, the book, a blend of memoir and travelogue, follows a woman who travels to the homes of female historical figures that lived many years ago. She does this to gain inspiration to live a better life. Elina Ahlback Literary controls all rights to the title.

Boose's 'Wood' Moves to Germany
A novel about a magical piece of wood that figures in peoples lives over the span of a century, called Cursed Wood, has sold to btb/Luchterland in Germany. De Bezige Bij in the Netherlands controls all rights to the title, by Johan de Boose, and published it in September.

Book on Burgundians Nabbed in the U.K.
Another hot book for De Bezige Bij is The Burgundians by Bart Van Loo, which will be published in January and recently sold to House of Zeus in the U.K. and C.H. Beck Verlag in Germany. The history title explores the Burgundians--a tribe that lived in what is now Poland during the Roman Empire--from their beginning as a Germanic group, to the 15th century, when their power waned.