Ahead of the 2015 London Book Fair, PW asked publishing insiders from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden to share what's happening in their markets, from the hot genres to the big picture challenges.

An Improving Mood in France

The mood in France is "somewhat positive." E-books are still a relatively small part of the market for mainstream fiction, accounting for 3%–5% of general fiction sales, though the percentage is higher for genre fiction like romance and science fiction.

Launching New Authors Is a Challenge in Germany

German publishing is in a state of transition right now, with retailers and publishers hesitant to take chances on unknown authors.

In Italian Publishing, Caution Prevails

Children's and young adult are on the up in Italy, and the country is also home to a growing self-publishing scene.

Crime and ‘Feel Good’ Novels Reign in Sweden

In Scandinavia, there is no Amazon and "feel good" fiction is taking off.

Piracy, Bookstore Closures Hamper Spain’s Book Industry

Despite the economic downturn, young adult is a bright spot, as are cookbooks and books on Spanish politics.