Technology by itself does not produce compelling digital and e-learning solutions. You need a team of programmers, instructional designers, creatives, subject matter experts, and experienced writers in addition to technologists. Such is the case at Cenveo Publisher Services. “Tight collaboration among team members is key to creating, producing, and maintaining the many digital and e-learning solutions that we have successfully delivered to our clients,” says Waseem Andrabi, senior director of global content services, adding that “editorial and digital learning experts create plot-oriented, character-based, and storytelling instructional materials, which programmers then bring to life using HTML5, apps, and ePub.”

Everyday Mathematics (for McGraw-Hill Education) is one such complex digital project that allowed the expertise and experience of Cenveo’s digital team to shine. This project required the creation of more than 200 math games using HTML5 Canvas. Each game, with no fewer than 20 user interaction data points, is functional across more than 35 browsers, operating systems, and device platforms. The user data is integrated with the client’s custom learning system to bring about personalization and analytics.

Another project, iProse: 40 Years of Excellence in Scholarly Publishing (for the Professional & Scholarly Publishing division of the Association of American Publishers), saw Cenveo’s e-learning team transform 40 years of lists into a rich-media product. The end product is available for free in the App Store via the Cenveo Mobile distribution platform. “The creative team at Cenveo is exceptional,” says Kate Kolendo, project manager at the Association of American Publishers. “They sketched out and designed the digital edition, and now we have a digital product showcasing the best in scholarly publishing during the past 40 years.”

“The vision for each product comes from the publishing client, and our team combines various resources to bring that vision to life,” Andrabi says, adding that Cenveo’s clients for digital and e-learning products “comprise both global traditional publishers as well as innovative upstart organizations.” He notes, “We engineer programs that align to any major curricula and/or standards in the marketplace.”

One such project involved creating a comprehensive curriculum synched directly to English courses in China for the first through ninth grades. The entire project for Golden Voice English (GVE) Online Education covers more than 700 animations; 324 interactive listening exercises; 324 interactive speaking lessons; 252 grammar, reading, and writing exercises; 72 “just-for-fun” activities; 144 unit assessments; nine midterm exams; and another nine final exams. “For a game called Mad Movies, where an animated movie clip plays and students have to select the correct dialogues to complete the movie, our e-learning team added complex interactive animations in HTML5 and parallax techniques,” marketing director Marianne Calilhanna says. “The entire course can be viewed on all devices, and has AICC and SCORM conformance for LMS integration.”

There is an additional three-lesson short course designed to keep students engaged in their English studies over the summer and winter breaks. “The partnership with GVE, to bring their vision of a transformative ESL e-learning solution went from concept to operational product within six months,” Calilhanna says.

That fast delivery of complex innovative content has prompted Kevin Wu, president and COO of GVE Online Education, to commend the Cenveo team on “its understanding of the needs of students and teachers involved with learning English as a second language. They understand language pedagogy and inserted it into the product they helped to develop.”

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