Over the last decade or so, the organizers of the London Book Fair have moved the dates of the show between April and March, This year's show is set for April 10-12, while last year's fair was held in March, but beginning in 2019 the show will be set in March for at least two years.

Next year's LBF will be held Tuesday March 12 to Thursday March 14, and LBF 2020 will be held Tuesday March 10 to Thursday March 12. Both events will be held at the Olympia London convention center in West Kensington, London. The change was made, the organizers said, after a research survey found attendees preferred the March date. Prior to 2006 the show was generally scheduled for March.

In scheduling the event, organizers try to avoid conflicts with the Bologna Children's Book Fair which this year runs from March 26 to March 29.