Organizers of the London Book Fair, currently scheduled for June 29-July 1, are delaying making a final decision on whether to hold an in-person or virtual book fair until April 12, when U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement regarding travel to and from England. At present, lockdowns in London are expected to be lifted on the summer solstice, June 21, but the Covid-19 crisis may complicate this decision.

"The past year has presented challenges unlike any other, and we are having to respond to a very fluid situation both here in the U.K. and internationally," Andy Ventris, director of the London Book Fair, said. "We promised to update the trade about plans for the 2021 Fair by the end of March. Given the continuing uncertainty around international travel, we are currently planning for all scenarios and will update with a final decision in mid-April."

Ventris added: "We continue to closely monitor the situation on a daily basis, and are in constant communication with our stakeholders and our advisory board so that we can reflect their views and support the trade as best possible in these difficult circumstances. I’d like to thank the publishing community for its ongoing support."

Organizers have promised a return to the fair's traditional dates in March in 2022.