Lightning Source Sharjah, the print-on-demand joint venture between Ingram Content Group’s (Ingram) Lightning Source LLC and the Sharjah Book Authority, is making more books accessible in the Arabic language and changing the way books are distributed in the Middle East. Arab Scientific Publishing (ASP), a publisher client of Lightning Source Sharjah, has acquired the translation rights to several of the world’s leading bestselling titles including books by Dan Brown, John Grisham, Suzanne Collins, and many more. These titles, along with nearly ten thousand titles from other publishers, are now available globally through Ingram in Arabic, whilst also being supplied locally to booksellers in the Middle East through Lightning Source Sharjah. As a leading publisher in the region, ASP have over 6,000 translated and Arabic published titles.

“The value of what we offer presents, for the first time, global bestselling titles over the past thirty years and makes them all accessible to the Arab reading world,” says Mr. Bassam Chebaro, President of Arabic Scientific Publishing.

Based in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Lightning Source Sharjah is the largest print-on-demand operation in the region offering over one million titles in 150 languages to local retailers and libraries. Regional booksellers can order directly from Ingram and have the books supplied locally by Lightning Source Sharjah with the benefit of faster, more efficient service and reduced costs.

“Publishers can use our services from around the world to add real value to the markets in which they have expertise,” says David Taylor, Senior VP at Ingram Content Group. Driven by Ingram’s technological innovations and vast global distribution network, Lightning Source Sharjah has helped publishers efficiently and sustainably meet consumer, retailer, and library demand in the Middle East.