On the last day of the inaugural China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF), held from November 7-9, the winners of the Golden Pinwheel Awards were announced. The award honors picture books and recognizes excellence in children’s publishing; it is also intended to promote cultural diversity and to raise the overall quality of children’s reading material in China. In total, the jury members—authors, publishers, children’s literature critics, early childhood education specialists and topexecutive-level professionals—reviewed more than 150 entries.

International Original Picture Book Award winners:
Los Zapatos de Fred Astaire Y Otras Historias Increibles (Apila Ediciones, Spain)
Monstruo Rosa (Apila Ediciones, Spain)

Oh, What a Tangle! (Digital Leaf, U.K.)
A Feather (China Children’s Press & Publication Group, China)
Cloud Bird (Jieli Publishing House, China)
Wukong, Becoming Good (Beijing Poplar Culture Project Co. Ltd., China)
Pumpkin Monk (Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House, China)
Mice at Home? (Tomorrow Publishing House/Hsin-Yi, China)
The Fish in Beiming (Tomorrow Publishing House/Hsin-Yi, China)

China Original Children’s Book Award winners:
The Stars Gulf (Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
Fairy Foxes in Pu’s Garden (People’s Literature Publishing House/Daylight Publishing House)
Guosisi Children’s Poem (Haifeng Publishing)
My Name is Xia Dandan (Jieli Publishing House)
The Green House (Anhui Children’s Publishing House)
An Open Door (New Buds Publishing House)
Bi Bi in the High House (New Buds Publishing House)
The Flying-fish in the Xisha Islands (New Buds Publishing House)
Mother Fox Saves Her Child (Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd.)
Yu Bao’s World (Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd.)
The Queen of Wolf Kingdom (Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd/Post and Telecom Press)
I Become an Invisible Person (Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
Land Street in the Afternoon (Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
The Bone of the Grass (Tomorrow Publishing House)
Liu Dafan and Her Classmates (Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
Thousands of Ways to Play (Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
Colorful Anthology of Tangtang’s Tales of Growth (Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
Nongni’s Childhood (Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)
The Burning Planet (China Children’s Press and Publication Group)
The Loveable Funny Mouse Series (21st Century Publishing House)

The 2014 CCBF will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from November 21 to 23. More information is available from the official website, www.ccbookfair.com.