(The Resented)

Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-607-98664-0-2

Marco has an ideal life until his father exposes him as a fraud.



Mary Beth Keane

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-1-41859874-7

A novel about the woman known as Typhoid Mary, the first person in America identified as an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever.

Las fuentes del silencio

(The Fountains of Silence)

Ruta Sepetys

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-593-08130-3

A portrait of love, silence, and secrets under Franco’s dictatorship in Spain.

Llamadas de Amsterdam

(Calls from Amsterdam)

Juan Villoro

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-607-8667-14-7

In this love story, the protagonists invent an alternate reality made of telephone calls. Longing for what they’ve lost, they make an imaginary country their most genuine meeting place.

Lo mucho que te amé

(How Much I Loved You)

Eduardo Sacheri


ISBN 978-607-31-8451-9

This novel is packed with questions about crushes, love, marriage, pain, secrets, destiny, and personal freedom.

Las niñas bien

(The Good Girls)

Guadalupe Loaeza

Editorial Océano de México

ISBN 978-607-527-935-0

This humorous novel, recently adapted for film, portrays the wealthiest sector of Mexican society.

Nuestra parte de noche

(Our Part at Night)

Mariana Enriquez

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-339-9885-9

A father and son cross Argentina during the Pinochet era. The father tries to protect his son after the mother dies under mysterious circumstances.


Algún día te mostraré el desierto

(One Day I’ll Show You the Desert)

Renato Cisneros


ISBN 978-607-31-8574-5

A memoir of Cisneros’s fatherhood in which he laments that “the world can be an arid labyrinth from which it is sometimes impossible to leave.”

La banda de Pica Pau

(The Pica Pau Gang)

Yan Schenkel

Editorial Gustavo Gili

ISBN 978-84-252-3076-9

This book includes the basic instructions and techniques needed to make crochet doll versions of the characters from the Pica Pau universe.

The Beautiful Ones (Spanish ed.)



ISBN 978-84-17-51192-0

The story of how Prince created a persona, an artistic vision, and a life before the hits and fame that would come to define him.

Cambiemos el mundo: #Huelgaporelclima

(No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference)

Greta Thunberg


ISBN 978-84-264-0730-6

This book collects Thunberg’s speeches, including her address to the UN.

Cerebro óptimo, ágil y sin pérdida de memoria

(The Better Brain Solution)

Steven Masley

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-18000-03-4

Masley lays out a four-pillar diet-and-lifestyle approach to improving brain health, focusing on food, nutrients, exercise, and stress management. The book also includes 50 recipes.

Cría hijos que respeten a las chicas

(Raising Boys Who Respect Girls)

Dave Willis

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-14-002-1998-8

Willis, author, speaker, and father of four boys, talks biblically and practically about how to raise boys who are champions, encouragers, and respecters of women.

Crochet moderno

(Modern Crochet)

Molla Mills

Editorial Gustavo Gili

ISBN 978-84-252-2858-2

This guide includes information on traditional crochet techniques, needles, and yarn and features 32 projects.

Diosas de Hollywood

(Hollywood Goddesses)

Cristina Morató

Plaza & Janés

ISBN 978-84-01-02269-2

This book unveils the lives of four leading women actors from the golden age of cinema: Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor.


(Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo)

Hayden Herrera


ISBN 978-84-306-2312-9

A biography of Frida Kahlo, the well-known Mexican painter.

Hablar con extraños

(Talking to Strangers)

Malcolm Gladwell


ISBN 978-1-64473-139-0

New Yorker writer Gladwell explores the strategies people use to assess strangers.

Larousse de los postres con toque mexicano

(Larousse Dessert with Mexican Flair)

Paulina Abascal

Ediciones Larousse

ISBN 978-607-21-2085-3

A comprehensive pastry guide that also includes Mexican preparation, techniques, and ingredients.

Libro de cocina de el código de la obesidad

(The Obesity Code Cookbook)

Jason Fung

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-18000-08-9

Recipes for home cooks looking to lower insulin, lose weight, manage diabetes, and live longer.

El libro de hombres: Una guía hacia la verdadera masculinidad

(Mansfield’s Book of
Manly Men)

Stephen Mansfield

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-14-002-2138-7

Mansfield introduces readers to 30 great men, including soldiers, philosophers, inventors, revolutionaries, adventurers, and preachers.

México bordado

(Mexico Embroidered)

Gimena Romero

Editorial Gustavo Gili

ISBN 978-84-252-2938-1

This compilation of Mexican traditional and contemporary embroidery spans numerous indigenous groups and covers traditions in danger of being lost, as well as the author’s own contemporary work.

Nuestra casa está ardiendo

(Our House Is On Fire)

Greta Thunberg


ISBN 978-84-264-0737-5

When climate activist Thunberg was 11, she stopped eating and speaking, distressed about the future of the planet. This book is about her family’s attempts to help her and take action to save the environment.

En pocas palabras

(In a Nutshell)

Ediciones Larousse

ISBN 978-607-21-2095-2

This guide includes more than 200 recipes, each with its own photograph, including recipes for meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, as well as desserts and beverages.

Remedios naturales para las alergias

(Natural Remedies for Allergies)

Rosa Guerrero

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-593-08170-9

This book dives into allergies, their causes, and natural remedies that may alleviate them.

Verduras sin límites

(Vegetables Unleashed)

José Andrés

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56560-4

From chef Andrés comes a colorful cookbook celebrating vegetables, including more than 130 recipes.


Hola, Universo

(Hello Universe)

Erin Kelly Entrada

Editorial Océano de México

ISBN 978-607-527-859-9

The lives of four children are woven together through an amazing adventure that blossoms into unusual friendships.

Mutts 1

(Mutts, Vol. 1)

Patrick McDonnell

Editorial Océano de México

ISBN 978-607-527-761-5

This book collects the comic strip of the same name, which, since 1994, has featured Mooch the cat and Earl the dog.

Olimpiada cultural

(Cultural Olympiad)

Jaume Copons

Combel Editorial

ISBN 978-84-9101-469-0

In this graphic novel, Agus and his monster friends train for the Cultural Olympiad.

El ratón Nodormilón

(The Nodormillion Rat)

Alessandra Berardi and Mercè Galí

Combel Editorial

ISBN 978-84-9101-419-5

This story is intended to lull children to sleep.

Vamos a jugar al ajedrez!

(Let’s Play Chess!)

Josy Bloggs

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-9145-282-9

This illustrated, press-out board book provides an introduction to chess, outlining the fundamentals of the game in simple language. Ages 7–up.