(IPG, dist.)


Uncool: A Girl’s Guide to Misfitting In and Kiss: A Girl’s Guide to Puckering Up ($9.95 each) by Erin Elisabeth Conley round up advice for teens. (13-17)

The Date Book: A Teen Girl’s Complete Guide to Going Out with Someone New ($12.95) by Erika Stalder presents safety-centered tips on dating. (13-19)

Girl in a Fix: Quick Beauty Solutions (and Why They Work) by Somer Flaherty and Jen Kollmer and Girl in a Funk: Quick Stress Busters (and Why They Work) by Tanya Napier and Kollmer ($9.95 each) are manuals on beauty and stress. (13-19)


(IPG, dist.)

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School ($14.95) by Steven Jenkins and Erika Stalder outlines must-do activities and offers advice on friendship, dating and independence. (12-up)


Ben’s Bunny Trouble ($17.95) by Daniel Wakeman, illus. by Dirk van Stralen, is a wordless tale starring bunnies in space. (4-8)

Lady Ginny’s Tea Parties ($17.95) by Susan Rennick Jolliffe introduces a party-hosting poodle. (4-8)

Mechanimals ($17.95) by Chris Tougas features flying pigs. (4-8)


Orca Currents adds Rebel’s Tag by K.L. Denman, Manga Touch by Jacqueline Pearce, Crossbow by Dayle Campbell Gaetz and Horse Power by Ann Walsh ($14.95 each, paper $8.95, 10-up). And joining Orca Soundings are Responsible by Darlene Ryan, Bull’s Eye by Sarah Harvey, Down by Norah McClintock and House Party by Eric Walters ($14.95 each, paper $8.95, 12-up).


Klutzhood ($7.95) by Chris McMahen. In this tale, Dumpster Dudes rule. (9-12)

Emville Confidential ($7.95) by Don Trembath. Everyone has something to hide in this story. (9-13)

Orphan Ahwak ($7.95) by Raquel Rivera is a story in which the hunted becomes the hunter. (9-13)

Out of Order ($8.95) by Robin Stevenson. Are the worst lies of all the ones you tell yourself? (12-up)

The Burning Time ($8.95) by Carol Matas. Everyone is a suspect and justice goes up in flames in this novel. (12-up)

The Bonemender’s Choice ($8.95) by Holly Bennett features a kidnapping and a deadly plague. (12-up)

Naming the Baby: The Best of theClaremont Review ($17.95) by Janice McCache, Bill Stenson, Susan Stenson and Terence Young, celebrates 15 years of teen contributions to this publication. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Orca Echoes continues with Timberwolf Trap by Sigmund Brouwer, illus. by Dean Griffiths; I, Bruno by Caroline Anderson, illus. by Helen Flook; Rhyme Stones by Pat Skene, illus. by Graham Ross; and A Puppy Is for Loving by Mary Labatt, illus. by Renata Liwska ($4.99 each, 7-9). New Orca Young Readers are TJ and the Quiz Kids by Hazel Hutchins and Ten Thumb Sam by Rachel Dunstan Muller ($5.95 each, 8-11). Graphic Guide Adventures debuts with Wild Ride by Liam O’Donnell, illus. by Mike Deas ($8.95, 8-12). And Orca Sports plays on with Winter Hawk Star, Hurricane Power and Hitmen Triumph by Sigmund Brouwer and Two Foot Punch by Anita Daher ($8.95 each, 10-up).


A Puppy Story ($12.95) by Susan Pyn, illus. by Nancy Keating, introduces unruly puppies. (4-8)


Paperback Series

Formac First Novels issues Lilly and the Snakes by Brenda Bellingham and Campfire Morgan by Ted Staunton ($4.95 each, 6-9).


Paperback Series

Streetlights illuminates Catching Forever by Laurel Dee Gugler ($7.95, 6-10). Sports Series releases Cross-Check! by Lorna Schultz Nicholson and Falling Star by Robert Rayner ($7.95 each, 8-13). Joining Deal with It are Money: Deal with It or Pay the Price by Kat Mototsune, illus. by Remie Geoffroi ($12.95, 8-14). New Recordbooks are Fire on the Water: The Red Hot Career of Superstar Rower Ned Hanlan by Wendy Lewis and Long Shot: The Team from Winnipeg That Won the First Ever Olympic Hockey Gold by Eric Zweig ($8.95 each, 12-17). And Side Streets offers Scarred by Monique Polak and Extreme Edge by Heather Kellerhals-Stewart ($7.95 each, 12-up).


Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck ($16.95) by Judith Meyrick, illus. by Richard Rudnicki, introduces a hungry duck in search of dinner. (4-8)

A Forest for Christmas ($19.95) by Michael Harris, illus. by Eric Orchard. Can the Friendly Forest be saved in time? (7-15)


Return to the Sea ($10.95) by Heidi Jardine Stoddart. A girl and her family set off on a summer road trip. (4-8)

Tommy’s New Block Skates ($12.95) by Garth Vaughan, illus. by David Preston Smith. Tommy dreams of having a new pair of skates for the winter. (4-8)

Chocolate River Rescue ($8.95) by Jennifer McGrath Kent. Three boys trapped on an ice floe struggle to survive. (7-10)

The Great and Awful Summer ($9.95) by Mitzi Dale is a novel based on Wuthering Heights. (12-up)

Paperback Series

Trouble Twins Save Christmas is a new Angela and Emmie Adventure by Tom Schwarzkopf ($10.95, 8-12).


Lily and the Paper Man ($14.95) by Rebecca Upjohn Snyder, illus. by Renné Benoit, is a tale revealing a child’s giving heart. (5-8)


My (Worst) Best Sleepover Party ($7.95) by Anna Morgan and Rachael Turkienicz. Rose encounters her first bully while planning her birthday party. (7-9)

Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventures ($7.95) by Christina Minaki presents a story for the holiday season. (8-11)

Paperback Series

Women’s Hall of Fame inducts Astonishing Women Artists by Heather Ball and Exceptional Women Environmentalists by Frances Rooney ($10.95 each, 9-13).



Native Women of Courage ($14.95) by Kelly Fournel profiles 10 Native American leaders. (8-21)


Abby’s Birds ($16.95) by Ellen Schwartz, illus. by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin. Mrs. Naka teaches Abby to make origami birds. (5-8)


The Eco-Diary of Kiran Singer ($15.95) by Sue Ann Alderson, illus. by Millie Ballance, shares a child’s view of the natural world. (12-up)


Beastly Feasts! A Mischievous Menagerie in Rhyme ($19.95) by Robert Forbes, illus. by Ronald Searle, collects rhymes about animals naughty and nice. (6-up)

Emil and the Detectives ($17.95) by Erich Kästner, trans. by William Martin. This new translation of this novel includes an introduction by Maurice Sendak. (8-up)


(Bayard Novalis, dist.)

The Chirp Book ($17.95) by Bob Kain compiles four books and additional material featuring this character from Chirp magazine. (3-6)

Animal Tales: Favourite Stories fromChirpMagazine ($17.95) collects stories by Marie-Louise Gay, David McPhail, Marthe Jocelyn and others. (3-6)

chicaDEE’s Animal Adventures: Discover the World’s Amazing Animals ($19.95) by Stéphanie Ledu, trans. by Mark Stout, examines animal characteristics and behavior. (6-9)

Paperback Series

Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebooks adds Vol. 3 by Liam O’Donnell, illus. by Michael Cho ($9.95, 9-13).