Graphic novel publisher Tokyopop is working in conjunction with HarperCollins/William Morrow to release a comics adaptation of bestselling novelist Dennis Lehane’s psychological thriller Shutter Island in January 2010 in time for the February release of a new Martin Scorsese film based on the novel. Originally published by the French house Casterman, the Shutter Island graphic adaptation was created by Christian De Metter and was an official selection at Angouleme, the annual French comics festival.

Tokyopop associate publisher Marco Pavia said that Tokyopop acquired the rights to the book at Frankfurt last year. Tokyopop oversaw the the translation and adaptation of the work for American audiences. HarperCollins is Lehane’s prose publisher as well as the distributor of Tokyopop’s graphic novel list. Pavio said the company is working closely with HarperCollins, which is also releasing a new edition of Lehane’s 2003 novel. De Metter’s work is the first comics adaptation of a Lehane novel. The book recounts the fictional tale of two U.S. marshals who are sent to a mysterious and remote island prison for the criminally insane in search of an escaped mass murderer.

Although Tokyopop is best known as a publisher and translator of Japanese comics, or manga, Pavia emphasized that the De Metter graphic novel, “is not manga. It’s a full color book, steeped in noir and looks awesome. ” He said the trailer for the film (which stars Leonardo DiCaprio) has been released and a book trailer based on the graphic novel is in the works. “We’re working with HarperCollins to produce an aggressive viral compaign to support the book,” said Pavia. More details about the graphic adaptation will be released later today at the Tokyopop panel at the New York Anime Festival at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.