If you happen to like the Simpsons and Futurama—and really, who doesn’t?—then you’re going to love Matt Groening’s The Simpson Futurama Crossover Crisis, a deluxe slip-cased hardcover that collects two periodical mini-series originally published in 2002 and 2005 that will be released in April by Abrams' ComicsArt imprint. The book will have a first printing of 100,000 copies worldwide.

The Simpson Futurama Crossover Crisis is being reprinted by ComicsArts in a deal negotiated by Abrams senior v-p Steve Trager and ComicsArt executive editor Charles Kochman. In the book the Simpsons’comic cultural satire meets the wacky comic cartoon science fiction of Futurama when an attack by the Evil Brain Spawn manages to project the Futurama crew quite literally into a Simpsons comics book—and typical Groening hijinks ensue.

Under the direction of Bongo Comics creative director Bill Morrison, the book is being packaged in a boxed hardcover set (208 pages, $24.95) that will collect the four original comic books in the series. The deluxe set is also packaged with a complete facsimile reprint of issue #1 of Bongo Comics’s Simpsons Comics, first published in 1993.

The repackaged collection also includes an introduction by Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening in addition to a host of bonus material that includes sketches, character designs and detailed page layouts. There’s also a gallery section featuring drawings of the Simpsons and Futurama characters by an all-star lineup of cartoonists that includes Kyle Baker, Sergio Aragones, Alex Ross, Michael Allred, Geof Darrow and others.

Abrams' ComicsArt imprint specializes in publishing comics as well as works that document the history and legacy of the medium. Kochman told PWCW that he’s a big fan of both Groening series and has known Bongo Comics creative director Morrison for years. “I’ve been talking to him for years about doing something with the Simpsons,” he said. Groening oversaw and approved the whole project and Kochman said that Abrams would be teaming up with Bongo Comics and Groening to promote the book. He expects Groening to be on hand to help show off the book at the San Diego Comic-con in July.

“I knew the two series had never been collected and I wanted to do something that had unique packaging,” Kochman said of the forthcoming book. “There’s no Simpsons book like it. ”