Above the Treeline, developer of the Web-based catalogue product Edelweiss, and Publishers Weekly will collaborate on the collection of PW's Adult Announcements issues, beginning with the spring 2011 season.

Book publishers will be invited to sign in through a registration portal on Publishersweekly.com, starting Monday, November 1.They will then enter information for their upcoming titles in a Web tool powered by Edelweiss. There will be no limit to the number of titles a publisher or imprint can enter, though PW reserves the right to edit the material that is entered and set parameters for inclusion as to qualifying months of publication and format. As always, our announcements listings are free. The end product will be an extensive searchable catalogue online at PW.com that will be accessible to all PW subscribers. In addition, PW editors will be constructing an overview of the season for the print magazine. The spring announcements issue is scheduled for January 24, 2011; and the fall announcements issue is scheduled for July 27, 2011.

Of the partnership, George Slowik Jr., president of PW, said, "Our goal is to provide our readers a broader, deeper—and earlier—look at the coming season in books. Edelweiss's elegant tool will help us capture that and present it online before the end of the year, allowing our print issue in January to be a richer curation of what is coming in the spring."

"The title data management and browsing tools we've developed for our Edelweiss clients are a great fit to support the PW announcements issues," added John Rubin, founder and CEO of Above the Treeline. "We're really pleased to be working with PW on this project and see it as a natural extension of our publisher digital catalogue services."

All trade publishers will be able to register through the PW Web site under the Call for Information: Spring 2011 Titles heading, or by going to publishersweekly.com/spring2011submissions. That will take publishers to a landing page containing deadlines and instructions as to how to begin entering title-by-title announcements.

When the data collection period is over in late December, PW subscribers will be able to peruse online the spring offerings we have collected. These titles will be browsable by publisher, category, author, pub date, and format. Our January 24, 2011, print issue will carry extensive highlights of the season's offering, with essays surveying the major categories of fiction, biography, history, art, cookbooks, lifestyle, poetry, politics, and much more.

This protocol replaces PW's previous method of gathering information from publishers for its announcement issues.