Jeremy Lin's rapid rise to fame is being matched step-for-step by publishers, who are featuring the instant star with a slew of instant print and e-books, focusing on everything from Lin's faith to his motivational tactics. And that's not to mention the number of unlicensed e-biographies that showed up just days after Lin started making waves on February 4, the night before the Super Bowl, in a game against the Nets. Lin himself, after hearing a lot of interest about writing a book, has decided to postpone a book until he has time to give it "thoughtful consideration." But with the Knicks' coach resigning amid a six-game losing streak last week, and news that "Linsanity" merchandise has been marked down 50% in stores, publishers could not be faulted for rooting for the Knicks to turn it around, lest "Linsanity" become an enduring publishing term. Here's a roundup of upcoming and recently released titles for Lin.

Jeremy Lin: The Reason for Linsanity by Timothy Dalrymple (Center Street)

Hachette’s Center Street imprint acquired the book on February 17. The book was completed on March 9, and it will ship on April 25 with a first printing of 50,000 copies and a retail price of $14.99. Dalrymple’s book, which is 50,000 words, is “a comprehensive look at Lin’s basketball career, and how family, culture, ethnicity and faith contributed to his success,” says Rolf Zettersten, the book’s editor and Hachette’s publisher. Zettersten doesn’t think the book is a risk and has no doubts about the long-term sales potential because Dalrymple has written about Lin previously and “has a wealth of research about him.” says Zettersten: “Jeremy is the real deal.”

Win Like Lin: Finding Your Inner Linsanity on the Way to Breakout Success by Sean Deveney (McGraw-Hill Professional)

McGraw-Hill’s title focuses on “six essential principles Lin has mastered to achieve success against setbacks, dry spells, and flat-out failures.” The 120-page book will publish March 26 and sell for $9.99 as a print and e-book. Sean Deveney is a long-time sports reporter.

Linspired: The Remarkable Rise of Jeremy Lin by Mike Yorkey (Zondervan)

Both an adult and a youth version will hit shelves in May in print and e-, selling for $9.99. Linspired will focus on Lin’s faith and how it helped him overcome the odds. The book is by Mike Yorkey, who has written about Christian athletes in Growing Up Colt, a biography of Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy, and the Playing with Purpose series, a collection of features on religious players including Tim Tebow and Lin. Playing with Purpose’s basketball edition, originally published by Barbour in November 2011, is being reissued with a new cover featuring Lin. Barbour has also licensed the content to Zondervan for use in Yorkey’s upcoming book.

Jeremy Lin: The Incredible Rise of the NBA’s Most Unlikely Superstar (Skyhorse)

September will see Bill Gutman, author of more than 200 books, take on Lin’s legendary rise in a 50,000-word paperback original that will sell for $14.95. In addition to the 244-page book, Skyhorse has released a 20,000-word instant e-book, published March 15.

Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin by Alan Goldsher (Vook)

This e-book was published on February 20 for $1.99. Written by ESPN: The Magazine contributor Alan Goldsher, it is remarkable for its one-week turnaround. Goldsher said that he wrote the 15,000-word manuscript in 72 hours; Vook took 36 hours to build the book, and then an additional 24 hours to arrange the distribution.