Americans can’t get enough of online videos, and the book world has noticed. Publishers, authors and even fans are using sites like YouTube and Google Video to draw attention to books. PW is tracking this trend through a new Web column, Video View.

Now, on to today’s video…

Anatomy of Fear

Jonathan Santlofer

William Morrow

Production Company:
Post-Up Productions

Undisclosed, but Morrow, which paid Post-Up, saved some on the deal since Santlofer did the script and storyboard.

What’s cool about the video:
Shot to look and feel like a film noir, this black and white mini movie was scripted by Santlofer, who also stars and provides the voice. Filmed over the course of four hours at the author/illustrator’s Hell’s Kitchen studio, the video dramatizes the over-arching plot of the book—a psychic sketch artist working for the NYPD is trying to draw a killer no one’s ever seen—without lifting specific scenes from the novel. And that was the point, according to Santlofer: "I wanted to create something that would give a feel for the book, but be it’s own thing."

Neatest response so far:
Two forensic artists—the guys who do what the book’s hero does—saw the video on YouTube and contacted Santlofer. One of them, in exchange for drawing lessons, offered Santlofer an open invitation to shadow him at the station. "I’ve been talking to forensic artists for the last year and a half, and no one let me follow them on the job," Santlofer quipped.Where Anatomy of Fear is playing:
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Google Video

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