Last summer, as I was writing this introductory page for 2012’s Fall Announcements issue, cooler autumn weather was a fond wish, as much of the country struggled with heat and drought. Today as I write, in the altogether appropriate chill of Januaries of old, spring beckons— ’cause it’s cold outside. So let’s peek ahead.

Herewith our fifth season gathering announcements with the help of Above the Treeline’s Edelweiss system. For spring 2013, we have collected, from more than 1,500 publishers and imprints, more than 11,000 titles—11,075 to be exact (these include children’s titles, selected listings of which will appear in our Feb. 25 Spring Children’s Announcement issue). Readers are encouraged to visit the full aggregation of title information for all these titles, where they can browse the titles submitted by using a variety of helpful filters—by publisher, imprint, subject category, publication date, and format.

The following pages contain our editors’ picks of the notable books of the season by category, more than 1,000 titles in all across the 20 categories, ranging from art, business, and cookbooks to fiction, memoir, lifestyle, poetry, sports, and travel. Our editors also select their top 10 books in each category, which they introduce with essays—making it an even 200 titles highlighted for special attention. We hope that this selection gives booksellers, librarians, and the media a good snapshot of what the spring holds in store—for lovers of books.

Click the links below to read our listings in each of these categories:

Art & Architecture
Fiction: Literary
Fiction: Mysteries & Thrillers
Fiction: Romance
Fiction: Science Fiction & Fantasy
History & Military History
Literary Biographies, Essays & Criticism
Performing Arts
Social Sciences