Some of the best American noir writers that explore the many ways to die violently in the United States have been translated by some of the most celebrated young Mexican authors of our time.


Antología general de la poesía mexicana (General Anthology of Mexican Poetry) by Juan Domingo


Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5102-3

An anthology of 167 Mexican poets that together constitutes the best sample of the strength, dynamism, and originality of Mexican contemporary poetry.

Aro, el guerrero lobo (Aro, the Wolf Warrior) by Augusto Rodríguez de la Rúa

Ediciones Nowtilus (April)

ISBN 978-84-9967-770-4

An exciting adventure novel that invites readers to step into the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and the brave struggle of the Vacceos from its first page.

Atada a tu piel (Skin Tied) by Víctor García

Ediciones Tombooktu (May)

ISBN 978-84-15747-598

Kate’s life is about to become a chaotic whirlwind. She starts dating Victor, an experienced youngster and BDSM lover and, at the same time, she starts receiving threatening letters from a mysterious admirer.

Bésame ahora (Kiss Me Now) by Raquel Estruch

Ediciones Tombooktu (May)

ISBN 978-84-15747-574

Marga comes back to the quiet town of Benidorm to fix her broken heart. She will live the most fun and bizarre moments of her life. A lighthearted romance novel full of desire, sex and humor.

El caballero de los Siete Reinos (The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms) by George R.R. Martin

Vintage Español (April)

ISBN 978-1-101-91227-0

Taking place nearly a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms compiles the first three official prequel novellas to George R.R. Martin’s ongoing series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Una casa junto al mar (The House by the Sea) by Santa Montefiore

Urano (April)

ISBN 978-8-4929-1556-9

Ten-year-old Floriana is captivated by the beauty of the magnificent Tuscan villa just outside her small village and dreams of living there someday. When Dante, the son of the villa’s owner, invites her inside, she knows that her destiny is there, with him.

Crank (Crank) by Ellen Hopkins

Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0740-0645-2

This novel, based on a true story, forces us to take a careful look at an individual’s struggle with drugs. Crystal meth proves to be more powerful than anything she could have imagined.

Un cuento triste no tan triste (A Sad Story That Is Not Too Sad) by Jorge Bucay

Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5204-4

Narrated from the point of view of a young girl whose parents have separated, this story describes the relationship between the girl and her grandmother.

En presencia de un payaso (In the Presence of a Clown) by Andrés Barba

Anagrama (April)

ISBN 978-8-4339-9786-9

The main character tries to summarize his whole life while his wife and brother-in-law, a retired comedian with a complex and delirious political career, get together for the first anniversary of their mother’s death.

Ese príncipe que fui (The Prince I Was) by Jordi Soler

Alfaguara (April)

ISBN 978-6-0711-3596-4

The impossible story of the last descendent of Moctezuma, Federico de Grau Moctezuma, prince or imposter, who lived in Spain and was the one and only heir of the Aztec empire.

Mr. Holmes (A Slight Trick of the Mind) by Mitch Cullin

Roca (May)

ISBN 978-8-4991-8918-5

This novel is a brilliant imagining of our greatest fictional detective and a stunning inquiry into the mysteries of human connection.

Hombres Buenos (Good Men) by Arturo Pérez Reverte

Alfaguara (April)

ISBN 978-1-9419-9917-2

Good Men narrates the heroic adventure of two men, guided by the light of reason, who tried to change the world by bringing light and progress to their countrymen.

Livia, la joven vestal (Livia, the Vestal Girl) by Obdulio López

Ediciones Tombooktu (April)

ISBN 978-84-15747-581

A wonderful love story set in ancient Rome, using the Vestal temples and their rituals as a feminine, sophisticated, and exquisite backdrop.

Lobo oscuro (Dark Wolf) by Christine Feehan

Urano (May)

ISBN 978-8-4929-1680-1

He is Carpathian, ancient and unassailable. She is human, young and vulnerable. Without her, he will not survive. Caught between two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free and humans safe.

Más allá del olvido (Beyond Obscurity) by Patrick Modiano

Alfaguara (April)

ISBN 978-6-0711-3656-5

An aspiring writer meets a couple visiting Paris: he is a gambler, she dreams of seeing Mallorca. They form a vague love triangle until the arrival of a mysterious man.

El murmullo de las abejas (The Murmor of the Bees) by Sofía Segovia

Vintage Español (April)

ISBN 978-1-101-91249-2

A magical and unpredictable story laced with scathing betrayal, unconditional love for family, life, and the earth.

Narcocuentos (Tales of Narco) by Almazán et al.

Ediciones B (April)

ISBN 978-6-0748-0641-0

This anthology contains the best writings from the most talented new Mexican authors. Each author finds the perfect way of telling their tale.

Otra máscara de esperanza (Another Mask of Hope) by Adriana Gonzálex Mateos

Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5425-3

This thriller investigates the mysterious death of Esperanza López Mateos, the sister of the powerful president of Mexico. This historical fiction reconstructs the lives of key figures and includes legends of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Quédatelo todo (Taking It All) by Maya Banks

Roca (May)

ISBN 978-8-4159-5263-3

The next installment in Banks’s Surrender Trilogy is a romance about letting go and giving in.

También esto pasará (This Too Shall Pass) by Milena Busquets

Vintage Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-101-91225-6

A novel about loss, love, and sex—an adage from a fable indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary, is also a novel bursting with sensitivity, toughness, and a remarkable absence of self-compliance.

Vivir y morir en USA: Los mejores cuentos policiacos de Akashic Noir (USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series)

Océano (May)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5449-9

Wild cards 4: El viaje de los Ases (Wild Cards IV) edited by George R.R. Martin

Océano (May)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5151-1

This volume of the Wild Cards series, written by many talented authors, sets out on a mission to uncover the truth about how superheroes are treated in foreign countries.


Ángeles de luz divina (Angels of Divine Light) by Aidan Storey

Atria Español (April)

ISBN 978-1-5011-0067-3

In this remarkable memoir, Aidan vividly recalls how the presence of angels sustained him through years of great turmoil when his happy, carefree world turned into one of misery and torment.

El arte del liderazgo (The Art of Leadership) by Thomas Cleary

Edaf (May)

ISBN 978-8-4414-3502-5

This book serves as a guide to recognizing the qualities of a genuine Zen teacher; it also serves as a study of the character and conduct necessary for the mastery of any position of power and authority.

Breve historia de entreguerras (Brief History of the Interwar Period) by Óscar Sainz de la Maza

Ediciones Nowtilus (April)

ISBN 978-84-9967-695-1

The turbulent and macabre period between the two wars that ravaged the world. Discover the key factors of an era that marked the 20th century.

Breve historia de la revolución Mexicana (Brief History of the Mexican Revolution) by Francisco Martínez Hoyos

Ediciones Nowtilus (May)

ISBN 978-84-9967-707-1

From the Porfiriato, Madero, and the guerrillas to the new constitution, the PRI, the rebuilding of Mexico, and Subcomandante Marcos.

En busca de la felicidad (The Pursuit of Happiness) by Chris Gardner

HarperCollins Español (May)

ISBN 978-0-8297-0150-0

The astounding rags-to-riches saga of a homeless father who raised his son on the streets of San Francisco and went on to become a prince of Wall Street.

Capítulo Final: El Homicidio de Mónica Spear (Final Chapter: The Murder of Monica Spear) by María Isoliett

Ediciones B (April)

ISBN 978-6-0748-0726-4

This book presents new details of the murder of the actress Monica Spears and her husband, Thomas Henry Berry, which occurred in Venezuela this past January 6, and in which their daughter was injured.

Los cuentos de la peste (Tales of the Plague) by Mario Vargas Llosa

Alfaguara (March)

ISBN 978-6-0711-3650-3

In Mario Vargas Llosa’s adaptation of Boccaccio’s Decameron, young people tell stories at a country villa as they try to escape the plague.

La Elefanta que no sabía que era una elefanta (Animal Madness) by Laurel Braitman

Urano (April)

ISBN 978-8-4157-3209-9

Have you ever wondered if your dog might be a bit depressed? How about heartbroken or homesick? Animal Madness takes these questions exploring the topic of mental health and recovery in the animal kingdom and uncovering lessons.

La literatura es mi venganza (Literature Is My Revenge) by Mario Vargas Llosa

Anagrama (April)

ISBN 978-8-4339-6374-1

How can a novel change the world? When a novel is really well written, its style can subjugate us; it can tear us away from this chaotic and confusing life.

La magia del orden: Herramientas para ordenar tu casa y tu vida (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) by Marie Kondo

Aguilar (April)

ISBN 978-1-9419-9919-6

Japanese cleaning consultant, Marie Kondo, helps you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home and the calm, motivated mind-set it can inspire.

El manager al minuto (The One-Minute Manager) by Ken Blanchard

HarperCollins Español (May)

ISBN 978-0-8297-0148-7

The One Minute Manager is a concise, easily read story that reveals three very practical secrets: one-minute goals, one-minute praisings, and one-minute reprimands.

La milagrosa dieta del PH para la diabetes (The pH Miracle for Diabetes) by Robert Young

Obelisco (May)

ISBN 978-8-4161-9224-3

This book offers a program that will help you take control of diabetes by showing you how to maintain the proper alkaline environment to help you slow, stop, or even reverse the disease.

Nazis en las sombras (Nazis in the Shadows) by Julio B. Mutti

Ediciones Nowtilus (May)

ISBN 978-84-9967-713-2

Espionage network the Nazis built up in Argentina, the unknown story of the Third Reich’s spies in Argentina.

Papiroflexia creativa (Creative Origami) by Kunihiko Kasahara

Edaf (May)

ISBN 978-8-4764-0704-2

The author, a leading figure of origami in the world, teaches us the ability to use the limitless possibilities that a sheet of paper presents.

¡Paso de dormir! 100 consejos para que los adolescentes duerman bien (Sleep Steps! 100 Tips for Teenagers to Sleep Well) by Javier Albares and Francisco Segarra

Lectio Ediciones (May)

ISBN 978-8-4160-1210-7

This book explains in a simple manner the most frequent sleep disorders experienced by young people, as well as the best ways to combat them.

Pequeñas cosas bellas (Tiny Beautiful Things) by Cheryl Strayed

Roca (May)

ISBN 978-8-4991-8920-8

Sugar—the once-anonymous online columnist at the Rumpus, now revealed as Cheryl Strayed, author of the bestselling memoir Wild—is the person thousands turn to for advice.

Perdón (Forgiveness) by Chiquis Rivera

Atria Español (April)

ISBN 978-1-5011-0485-5

Chiquis brings to light truths that she wishes she had been able to reveal to her mother, Jenni Rivera. Two years after her mother’s death, Chiquis answers the most difficult questions.

Salvemos el amor (Let’s Save Love) by Yohana García

Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5096-5

An inspirational and spiritual wake up call for all those who are not contented in waiting passively for their lives to get better and be filled with love and happiness.

Segunda naturaleza (Second Nature) by Eduardo Terrazas

Editorial RM + MACG (April)

ISBN 978-84-16282-08-1

This publication presents the multidisciplinary work made by Terrazas for more than 40 years. It reevaluates his work as an artist, architect, urbanist, and designer.

El viaje a casa (The Journey Home) by Jorge Posada

HarperCollins Español (May)

ISBN 978-0-8297-0155-5

Going beyond his all-star career, Posada also shares his life in full, examining how his remarkable journey to the big leagues began in the most unexpected of ways.

Donuts (Doughnuts) by Jessica Lekerman

Cute Ediciones (April)

ISBN 978-9-8719-0340-5

This book teaches techniques and offers a decadent sample of how traditional preparation of cakes and pastries can easily be revitalized with new flavor combinations, icing, and toppings.

Gorros de animales (Knitted Animal Hats) by Fiona Goble

Cute Ediciones (April)

ISBN 978-9-8719-0326-9

Combining simple weaving techniques with soft, colorful yarn, this fantastic collection of animal hats ranges from cute and cuddly to wild and wooly. Each project includes simple instructions and photographs to help with the important details of the design.

Agentes del Apocalipsis (Agents of the Apocalypse) by David Jeremiah

Tyndale House (April)

ISBN 978-1-4143-8056-8

The author explores the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players—the exiled, the martyrs, the elders, the victor, the king, the judge, the 144,000, the witnesses, the false prophet, and the beast.

El Alma Artesana (The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art) by Erwin Raphael McManus

Whitaker House (May)

ISBN 978-1-62911-385-2

A master artist/author calls readers to reclaim their creative essence, crafting their lives into works of art in this spiritual manifesto designed to reveal one’s true self.

Cincuenta Sombras de Ellos (Fifty Shades of They: Insights That Bring Life to Your Relationships) by Ed Young

Whitaker House (May)

ISBN 978-1-6291-1537-5

Being surrounded by the right “they” will change your life. Learn 50 simple, yet profound, Bible-based insights to help relationships thrive, whether they’re with personal friends, marriage or business colleagues.

Lecciones de un viajero (Lessons from a Traveler: Twelve Vital Lessons to Advance Successfully on the Journey of Life) by Edgardo Peña.

Whitaker House (May)

ISBN 978-1-62911-373-9

It’s not what one hears, but what one sees that changes a person. The traveler should focus his/her vision with efforts aiming in the same direction to achieve desired results.

NTV Biblia del pescador (NTV Fisher of Men Bible) by Luis Ángel Díaz-Pabón

B&H Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-5864-0902-9

The Fisher of Men Bible is now available in the Spanish New Living Translation (NTV). This is for readers that are seeking a more modern and easier way to comprehend the Spanish text.

NTV Biblia de estudio del diario vivir (NTV Life Application Study Bible)

Tyndale House (May)

ISBN 978-1-4143-1478-5

The Life Application Study Bible provides valuable information about key Bible characters, as well as vital statistics, overviews, and time lines to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the context in which the scriptures were written.

Somos Uno (We Are One! Discover God’s Plan for Your Marriage) by Jimmy and Aída Cornejo

Whitaker House (May)

ISBN 978-1-6291-1377-7

Don’t compete, complete each other—say the Cornejos, longtime marriage partners, who believe for couples to “become one” they must embrace their similarities and enjoy their differences.


La bailarina mariposa (Butterfly Ballerina)

Parragon (May)

ISBN 978-1-4723-1244-0

This beautiful picture book tells the story of Isabella Ballerina, who loves ballet, but just can’t seem to get her steps right. A reassuring story for any little girl, with a lovely butterfly bracelet to treasure!

El barco de los niños (The Children’s Boat) by Mario Vargas Llosa

Alfaguara (April)

ISBN 978-6-0711-3559-9

Fonchito visits an old man who watches the sea, waiting for a boat of children that was shipwrecked. Far from being sad, this story is full of life and adventure.

Los chicos del vagón de carga (The Boxcar Children) by Gertrude C. Warner

Open Road Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-480476349

Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny Alden are brothers and sisters—and they’re orphans. One night, they find an old red boxcar that keeps them safe, and they make it their home.

Un conejito más (The Rabbit Family) by Margaret Wise Brown

Parragon (April)

ISBN 978-1-4723-7836-1

This sweet and funny story about a furry family who all come together to celebrate a little bunny’s birthday will have children engaged until the very end! With stunning illustrations and fascinating characters, this story will be a big hit!

Duerme bebé cómodo y seguro (Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug) by John Hutton

Blue Manatee Press (April)

ISBN 978-1-9366-6929-5

A classic bedtime ritual experienced through a baby’s eyes, this book conveys safe sleep practices in a gentle, rhythmic way.

Flora y Ulises (Flora and Ulysses) by Kate DiCamillo and Keith G. Campbell

Océano Gran Travesía (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5412-3

This Newbery Medal winner from New York Times bestselling author DiCamillo is a laugh-out-loud story filled with eccentric, endearing characters.

El globo aventurero (The Noon Balloon) by Margaret Wise Brown

Parragon (April)

ISBN 978-1-4723-7835-4

Over the city, high above the sea, into a storm, and through a sky full of airplanes, the Noon Balloon is off on an unforgettable journey.

La isla de las sorpresas (Surprise Island) by Gertrude C. Warner

Open Road Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-4804-7635-6

In this Boxcar Children adventure, summer vacation on an almost-private island gives the Aldens a challenge.

El lado oscuro (Half Bad) by Sally Green

Océano (April)

ISBN 978-6-0773-5314-0

The witches in this story are segregated into those that are good and bad.

Sixteen-year-old Nathan is both, and therefore trapped in a cage, trying to find a way to escape before his 17th birthday.

Libro carrusel (Tummy Time) by Ladybird

Combel Editorial (May)

ISBN 978-8-4982-5871-4

Perfect for encouraging play during tummy time, this book helps babies develop motor skills and strengthen muscles. The carousel-style book can be completely opened to explore its vibrant colors, various textures, and intriguing peepholes.

Libro familias (Happy Families) by Ladybird

Combel Editorial (May)

ISBN 978-8-4982-5873-8

The youngest of readers observe animal families and characteristics in this charming board book, making it perfect for developing a baby’s observational skills and hand-eye coordination.

Malena en el espejo (Malena in the Mirror) by Elena Ferrándiz

Thule Ediciones (May)

ISBN 978-8-4153-5735-3

Malena does not like to look at herself in the mirror, so she embarks on a journey that allows her to discover that she can be loved just as she is.

Mamás y bebés: Explora los animalitos (Baby Animals)

Parragon (May)

ISBN 978-1-4723-8071-5

Babies will love to learn about favorite animals with the beautiful art, simple text, and fun touch-and-feel panels throughout these versatile board books. The baby and toddler series is fun, engaging, and research-supported.

Mishiyu (Mishiyu) by Ricardo Alcántara and Rebeca Luciani

Combel Editorial (May)

ISBN 978-8-4982-5899-8

Mishiyu is an orphan living in fear but he is also hopeful that he will be adopted. His feelings are intertwined with the emotions of the woman who adopts him.

El misterio de la casa amarilla (The Yellow House Mystery) by Gertrude C. Warner

Open Road Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-4804-7636-3

In this Boxcar Children adventure, the spooky old house on Surprise Island intrigues Benny.

El misterio de Mike (Mike’s Mystery) by Gertrude C. Warner

Open Road Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-4804-7639-4

In this Boxcar Children adventure, Benny and his friend Mike are in trouble when they get curious about a uranium mine.

El periódico del abuelo (Grandpa’s Newspaper) by Monica Campabadal Gili

Titiris (May)

ISBN 978-8-4926-3665-5

This delightful story is about the time spent by a young boy and his grandfather one day after school as they turn Grandpa’s newspaper into a fun game.

¿Por qué existe el mundo?

(Is Nothing Something?) by Thich Nhat Hanh and Jessica McClure

Editorial Kairos (May)

ISBN 978-8-4998-8414-1

Good questions are not necessarily always long and robust. The questions included in this book are real questions asked by real children. Why does the world exist? Is nothing something? What does God look like?

El rancho de misterio (Mystery Ranch) by Gertrude C. Warner

Open Road Español (May)

ISBN 978-1-4804-7638-7

In this Boxcar Children adventure, eccentric Aunt Jane needs help on her ranch.

Sofi y el mágico mural musical

(Sofi and the Magic, Musical Mural) by Raquel M. Ortiz, illus. by Maria Dominguez

Piñata Books (May)

ISBN 978-1-5588-5803-9

This story about an imaginative girl and a magical mural is an engaging exploration of Puerto Rico’s cultural traditions, as well as an ode to public art and the communities it depicts.

Terror con T-Rex (Dino Supersaurus: T-Rex Terror) by Nikalas Catlow and Tim Wesson

Parragon (April)

ISBN 978-1-4723-7832-3

In this captivating picture book, T-Rex and his army of ninja raptors are determined to take over New Dino City, one way or another.

Yoga para niños (Yoga for Kids) by Ramiro Calle

Editorial Kairos (April)

ISBN 978-8-4998-8372-4

Yoga is a great tool for relaxation, fitness, and developing mindfulness. This simply illustrated tutorial shows readers how to practice yoga with their kids.

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