A book doesn’t have to be labeled inspirational for a reader to find encouragement in its pages. Below is a sampling of forthcoming titles, along with their BISAC category names and short descriptions from their publishers of what makes them inspiring.

Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life That Matters by Michael W. Leach (WestWinds, Oct.)

Self-Help/Motivational & Inspirational

A guide to living an "adventurous, sustainable, and meaningful life."

Clay Water Brick: Finding Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Who Do the Most with the Least by Jessica Jackley (Random/Spiegel & Grau, June)

Business & Economics/Entrepreneurship

“Will make you think differently about the change one person can make, and how there is an entrepreneur inside all of us.”

Flawd: How to Stop Hating on Yourself, Others, and the Things That Make You Who You Are by Emily-Anne Rigal (Perigee, Aug.)

Self-Help/Motivational & Inspirational

“Presents readers with steps for moving to self-acceptance and true authenticity.”

Getting There: A Book of Mentors

Gillian Zoe Segal (Abrams Image, Apr.)

Self-Help/Motivational & Inspirational

“Role models describe the obstacles they faced, the setbacks they endured, and the vital lessons they learned along the way.”

The Gift of Alzheimer’s: New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer’s and Its Care by Maggie La Tourelle (Watkins, May)

Health & Fitness/Diseases

“Offers a new paradigm for treating late-stage Alzheimer’s that is focused on the ‘emotional memory’ of the patient, which persists even after episodic memory has been lost.”

How Did I Get Here? Making Peace with the Road Not Taken by Jesse Browner (HarperWave, July)


“A literary exploration that asks seeks to answer the question, have I lived the life I intended?”

The Mystical Backpacker: How to Discover Your Destiny in the Modern World by Hannah Papp (Atria/Beyond Words, May)

Travel/Essays & Travelogues

“Part memoir, part guidebook, The Mystical Backpacker invites you to explore your inner terrain.”

Playing Scared: A History and Memoir of Stage Fright by Sara Solovitch (Bloomsbury, June)

Biography & Autobiography/Personal Memoirs

An “examination of the myriad causes of stage fright and the equally diverse ways to overcome it, and a tribute to pursuingpersonal growth at any age.”

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