Bound with Honor

by Megan Mulry

Riptide, Aug.

Regency erotic romance; gay, heterosexual, poly, lesbian, bisexual/pansexual

Cam Girl

by Leah Raeder

Atria, Nov.

Contemporary bisexual/lesbian romance, genderfluid love interest

The Ground Beneath

by Missouri Vaun

Bold Strokes, July

Lesbian futuristic romance

A Hard Ride Home

by Emory Vargas

Less Than Three, June

Western romance; bisexual, gay

Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories

Edited by Saachi Green

Cleis, Sept.

Lesbian erotica

The Possession of Eugene Lawrence Davis

by E.E. Ottoman

Less Than Three, Sept.

Horror romance; poly

The Sidhe

by Charlotte Ashe

Interlude, July

Male-male fantasy romance

Such a Dance

by Kate McMurray

Kensington/Lyrical, Nov.

Historical romance; gay

Summer Passion

by M.J. Williamz

Bold Strokes, Nov.

Lesbian erotic romance

Take This Man: Gay Romance Stories

Edited by Neil Plakcy

Cleis, available

Gay romance

When to Hold Them

by G.B. Gordon

Riptide, Aug.

Contemporary male/male erotic romance

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