This season, we look at the latest trends in cocktail-publishing culture—from books that draw on the cachet of name-brand bars and bartenders to titles that take a deep dive into regional drinking habits. Many of these books incorporate a nod to the classics, putting a modern spin on everything from Manhattans to moonshine.

We also explore some of the gastronomic traditions getting the 21st century treatment. Barbecue books from prizewinning American pitmasters are hot, as are canning-and-preserving how-tos. And Brooklyn, the culinary brand, comes of age, with four books—three of which put “Brooklyn” right in the title—on different aspects of the borough’s restaurant and bar scene.

For even more of the seasons food and beverage titles, check out our spring 2016 announcements.

Highball Reads and Old-Fashioned Page Turners: Spring 2016 Cookbooks

Interested in cocktail books? This season, your glass is at least half full.

Smoke 'Em If You’ve Got 'Em: Spring 2016 Cookbooks

Master the fire: meet the next generation of barbecue books.

That Can-Do Spirit

Here’s a look at new books that guide readers through modern canning, preserving, pickling, curing, and more.

Brooklyn the Culinary Brand

New titles flaunt King’s County’s newfound global cachet.