Thanks to the ubiquity of keyboards, writing by hand has become less of a daily necessity and more of an art form. Hand lettering appeals not only to old-fashioned paper correspondents but also to followers of Pinterest-popular trends, including bullet journals and scrapbooking, as well those who find the skill useful in addressing their own wedding invitations (another Pinterest-friendly project). In a time of rapid-fire media and tossed-off tweets, several forthcoming titles teach readers to slow down their words and pick up a pen.

The Art of Brush Lettering
Kelly Klapstein
Quarry, Dec.
Klapstein, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, has taught lettering workshops in places as far-flung as Cancun and Dubai. She offers free worksheets once a month to her newsletter subscribers; she includes them in her book, along with guidance on proper positioning and the use of a variety of brush-pen sizes.

A Modern Lettering Kit and The Art of Modern Lettering
Nicole Miyuki Santo
Running Press, Mar. and Apr. 2018
Santo’s By Hand series launches with a pair of hand lettering books. Modern Lettering Kit focuses on brush lettering, and The Art of Modern Lettering incorporates nontraditional tools such as Sharpies and gel pens into 30 projects. These will be followed in August 2018 by Cool Calligraphy Crafts for Kids, which introduces artists ages 10 and up to the technique.

Calm Calligraphy
Harper Design, Jan. 2018
The author, who goes by one name, challenges readers to take a break from the digital world by copying scripts from rare books and scrolls housed at the author’s scriptorium in Recanati, Italy. The book aims not just to teach calligraphy but also to help readers unwind by reproducing meditative words and phrases.

Extraordinary Hand Lettering
Doris Wai
Skyhorse, Nov.
Beginning with hand lettering basics and then moving beyond paper, Wai, who creates signage and more at her Love Lettering studio in Toronto, shows readers how to work on surfaces including glass, wood, and mirrors.

Happy Hand Lettering
Jen Wagner
North Light, Aug.
This primer teaches key lettering terms and techniques for brush lettering, nib lettering, and modern lettering. Wagner, who on her website calls herself “a designer of all types,” first delved into font creation in 2016 and donates a percentage of proceeds from her online shop to various charities.

Lettering in the Whimsical Woodlands
Peggy Dean
HCI, Nov.
After mastering the basics, readers can try projects including crafting a cake topper by lettering on birch bark and creating bunting by hand lettering onto tree leaves. Dean, who has 106,000 followers on Instagram, teaches sketching and lettering on Skillshare.

Lettering with Purpose
Brittany Luiz
Walter Foster, Sept.
Luiz, who is social media and content manager at craft-supply company Tombow USA, here starts with lettering basics, demonstrating a range of techniques including brush calligraphy and bounce lettering. Included are 100 lettering prompts to inspire projects, and perforated pages with decorative borders that encourage readers to display their finished work.

Modern Lettering
Rebecca Cahill Roots
Batsford, Sept.
Beginner calligraphers learn how to mix fonts and work with colored inks on place cards, gift tags, envelopes, and more. Roots owns London’s Betty Etiquette stationery studio and teaches workshops for Liberty of London.

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