It’s been a good year for self-help publishing, with print-unit sales up 14% from this time last year, according to NPD BookScan. As we look to the coming season, a few trends have begun to emerge.

In “Bouncing Back,” we preview books that address the evergreen yet timely topic of resilience. “Hello? Is There Anybody in There?” digs into titles that aim to foster better communication in our public and private lives. And “Women on the Rise” looks at books centered on female empowerment.

Guided journals remain a popular self-help tool, and in “The Write Direction,” we peek inside a selection of forthcoming books. Another ongoing trend, NSFW self-help titles, is not only fueling this year’s uptick in the category’s sales, but also augurs well for the next slate of straight-shooting advice books (see “Real Talk”).

Speaking of trends: remember hygge? Check out “Livin’ la Vida Lagom” for the next Scandinavian lifestyle invasion, which promotes a very healthy-sounding concept in tough times: the idea of “just enough.”

Catherine LaSota is the interim associate director of the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University and runs the LIC Reading Series in Queens.

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