Welcome to our spring preview. You might want to make yourself comfortable. What follows over the next 110-plus pages is your one-stop guide to which books people are going to be talking about in the spring and summer. These aren’t just huge books by major authors—though there are plenty of those mentioned. PW’s reviews editors looked at thousands of titles publishing between February and July (more than 6,500 of them, in fact) and distilled that down to what is printed here: auspicious debuts, indie gems, books that will spark conversation and debate, and works that, to borrow a line from Kafka, promise to hack away at the frozen sea inside us.

We’ve divided our picks, as usual, into 15 categories, each with a top-10 list and a longlist of 40–50 additional titles that are worth keeping an eye on.

If you want to go deeper than our category lists, head on over to publishersweekly.com/announcements, where you can browse the full database.

And mark your calendars for January 29, when we publish our Spring Children’s Announcements issue. In the meantime, happy reading.


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