La forma del agua

(The Shape of Water)

Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus

Urano, dist. by Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-92915-99-6

This is an otherworldly love story from filmmaker del Toro, about an amphibious man and a janitor, set in the U.S. in 1963 against the backdrop of the Cold War.

La mujer en la ventana

(The Woman in the Window)

A.J. Finn


ISBN 978-1-947783-53-9

In this suspenseful novel, an agoraphobic woman believes she has witnessed a crime next door.

Luna llena en las rocas

(Full Moon in the Rocks)

Xavier Velasco

Océano, dist. by IPG

ISBN 978-607-527-317-4

Velasco’s novel approaches the world of night clubs, dive bars, and other hellholes with a mixture of morbidity and complicity.

Una novela criminal

(A Crime Novel)

Jorge Volpi


ISBN 978-1-947783-33-1

This winner of the 2018 Alfaguara Novel Prize tells the story of the Cassez-Vallarta case, which for many years shocked Mexican society and generated a diplomatic dispute between France and Mexico.


Cazando a El Chapo

(Hunting El Chapo)

Andrew Hogan and Douglas Century

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-141-85-9779-5

Hogan, a former DEA agent, tells the story of his eight-year hunt for El Chapo, a drug kingpin who evaded the law for more than a decade.



Jomari Goyso

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-141-85-9793-1

Goyso, a television personality and stylist to the stars, tells his story for the first time.

En el cuarto oscuro

(In the Darkroom)

Susan Faludi

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-339-7998-8

After feminist writer Faludi learned that her 76-year-old father, who was long estranged and living in Hungary, had undergone sex reassignment surgery, she began an inquiry into the meaning of identity in the modern world and in her own family saga.

Mi ayuno intermintente


Cecilia Ramirez Harris

HarperCollins Español

ISBN 978-071-80-8518-6

Harris aims to adapt the old technique of fasting to our time, for those who want to restore or maintain their health and lose weight. The author focuses primarily on a method known as intermittent fasting.




Scott Kelly

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56314-3

This memoir from the astronaut who spent a year aboard the International Space Station offers an account of his remarkable voyage, of the journeys off the planet that preceded it, and of his formative years.

La línea se convierte en río

(The Line Becomes the River)

Francisco Cantú

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56402-7

Cantú goes behind the headlines, investigating the violence on both sides of the U.S.–Mexico border.


El lector

(The Reader)

Amy Hest, illus. by Lauren Castillo

Spanish Publishers

ISBN 978-84-9145-134-1

Hest’s book celebrates reading and good friends, and Castillo’s illustrations, with their saturated colors, capture the wonder of a magical day.

Espaguetis en un panecillo de perro caliente

(Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun)

Maria Dismondy

Cardinal Rule, dist. by IPG

ISBN 978-0-9976085-1-9

This story aims to empower children to do the right thing and be proud of themselves, even when other children point out how different they are.

La nevera de Maddi

(Maddi’s Fridge)

Lois Brandt

Flashlight, dist. by IPG

ISBN 978-1-936261-97-0

Brandt’s book addresses issues related to poverty and includes a list of ways children can help fight hunger.

Olor a perfume de viejita

(The Smell of Old Lady Perfume)

Claudia Guadalupe Martinez

Cinco Puntos

ISBN 978-1-941026-06-0

Chela’s father’s sudden illness causes her to miss school. She feels very small. Then, just when everything seems back to normal, tragedy teaches her that she’s not that small at all.