In putting together our fall preview, we didn’t consult a crystal ball so much as a spreadsheet so massive the lights in the PW office dimmed when one of our computers strained to open it. Nearly 8,900 titles were submitted for consideration, and those have been whittled down by PW’s editors to this, your guide to the books people are going to be talking about this fall.

These aren’t just huge books by major authors—though there are plenty of those. What you’ll find is a mix of promising debuts, titles with a bit of dark horse magic about them, works that question common wisdom, books that will enrage and inspire, and even a history in verse.

We’ve divided our picks, as usual, into 15 categories, each with a top 10 list and a longlist of 40–50 additional titles that are worth keeping an eye on.

If you want to go deeper and browse the full database, head on over to

And mark your calendars for July 23, when we publish our Fall Children’s Announcements. But, really, this should keep you busy till then.


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