Knowing that it could never compete with chains when it came to discounting Harry Potter #7, Books Inc. did what it did with #6, and gave 20% of pre-sales and party sales to seven schools located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“When the price was announced to be $34.99, we knew we had to do something because we are never going to win the discount war,” said Shannon Mathis, children’s book buyer and events coordinator for the ten-store chain.

Books Inc. held parties in eight of its Bay Areas stores, sold more than 1600 copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which brought the donation to local school to $17,753.93.

Books Inc. is known for working in collaboration with schools in the communities that house its stores, and Mathis said, the Harry Potter donation scheme was a way for the company to continue to work with organizations it has in the past and new ones as well.