Antología general Neruda

(General Anthology Neruda)

Pablo Neruda

PRH Grupo Editorial and Real Academia Española

ISBN 978-1-949061-40-6

This anthology interweaves prose, poetry, and journalism to provide a literary biography of the Chilean poet.

Carreteras de otoño

(November Road)

Lou Berney

HarperCollins Español


Set in the aftermath of the JFK assassination, this crime novel centers on a desperate cat-and-mouse chase across America.

Emerge o muere

(Emerge or Die)

Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez


ISBN 978-607-98307-0-0

Dr. Benjamin makes a mistake in the operating room and faces charges for medical malpractice. Confused, he causes a car accident, his wife dies, and he’s accused of murder.

El oro del mar

(Gold from the Sea)

Daniel Wolf


ISBN 978-8-425356-80-3

A historical novel that takes readers to Europe in the 13th century through a commercial expedition that must face the perils from land, sea, and men’s greed.

El zorro

(The Fox)

Frederick Forsyth

Plaza & Janés

ISBN 978-1-949061-79-6

Forsyth takes readers into the world of technological espionage in this thriller.


Amiga, lávate esa cara

(Girl, Wash Your Face)

Rachel Hollis

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-1-404109-86-5

Hollis aims to expose lies and misconceptions that hold women back from living joyfully and productively.

El arte sueco de ordenar antes de morir

(The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning)

Margareta Magnusson


ISBN 978-8-417125-92-9

Magnusson takes an unsentimental approach to putting a home in order while reflecting on the tiny joys that make up a long life.

Los asesinos de la luna de las flores

(Killers of the Flower Moon)

David Grann

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56693-9

New Yorker writer Grann explores the true-life murder mystery about the systematic killing of Native Americans from the Osage Nation in 1920s Oklahoma.

Creador de héroes

(Hero Maker)

Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird

Editorial Vida

ISBN 978-1-404110-36-6

Ferguson and Bird try to teach readers how to bring change to their churches and communities by developing practical skills to help others reach their leadership potential.

A dos pasos de la locura

(Two Steps from Madness)

Silvia Olmedo


ISBN 978-1-949061-41-3

Olmedo attempts to give readers the tools to leave toxic relationships, detect their errors, and make good choices.

Eres vibración


Robyn Openshaw


ISBN 978-6-073173-23-0

Openshaw argues that there’s a difference between low-vibration emotions and high-vibration emotions, and suggests ways that readers can increase their vibrational frequencies.

El futuro de la humanidad: La terraformación de Marte, los viajes interestelares la inmortalidad y nuestro destino más allá de la Tierra

(The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth)

Michio Kaku


ISBN 978-8-499928-36-4

Kaku traverses the frontiers of astrophysics, artificial intelligence, and technology to offer a vision of humans’ future in space, from settling Mars to traveling to distant galaxies.

Gioconda descodificada. Retrato de la mujer del Renacimiento

(The Mona Lisa Decoded: Portrait of the Renaissance Woman)

Christian Galvez


ISBN 978-8-403515-48-2

The author examines women’s role during the Renaissance and analyzes all the theories that historians have developed about the representation of women based on the Mona Lisa.

Más repostería con Anna

(Bake with Anna Olson)

Anna Olson

Lectura Colaborativa

ISBN 978-987-40-9509-1

Celebrity chef Olson aims to show readers the secrets of baking with 125 incredible recipes from her TV show.

Mindfulness para las mujeres

(Mindfulness for Women)

Vidyamala Burch

Editorial Kairos

ISBN 978-84-9988-573-5

This book offers women a set of simple exercises to help them feel happier and more secure and capable in their lives.

¿Por qué engordamos? Y qué hacer al respecto

(Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It)

Gary Taubes

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56633-5

This guide to nutrition and weight management from bestselling author Taubes aims to correct misunderstandings about calories, carbs, cholesterol, fat, genetics, insulin resistance, and more.


Las aventuras de Kandi. Kandi y el Zorro

(Kandi’s Adventures: Kandi and the Fox)

Raynelda Calderón and Donna Wiscombe


ISBN 978-84-9145-203-4

One day Kandi visits her best friend in the forest, and a big fierce fox crosses her path. Will Kandi escape from the fox?

Los crímenes de Grindelwald (Guión cinematográfico Animales fantásticos 2)

(Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: The Original Screenplay)

J.K. Rowling


ISBN 978-84-9838-908-1

The powerful wizard Grindelwald begins to raise pure-blood wizards to rule all nonmagical beings.

Guía clasificada del campamento mestizo

(Camp Half-Blood Confidential)

Rick Riordan


ISBN 978-84-9838-901-2

Percy Jackson and other residents of Camp Half-Blood answer such questions as “What is this place?” and “What are the Divine Cabins like?”

Hombre Perro y Supergatito

(Dog Man and Cat Kid)

Dav Pilkey

Scholastic en Español

ISBN 978-1-338-33131-8

A heroic hound with a real nose for justice has a furry feline sidekick, and together they have a mystery to sniff out.

Leyendas del mundo

(World Legends)

Martín Blasco

El gato de hojalata

ISBN 978-9-877514-87-2

This illustrated anthology of legends from China, India, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, and elsewhere aims to teach young readers about the oral traditions of different cultures.

Saraí #3: Saraí salva la música

(Sarai Saves the Music)

Scholastic en Español

ISBN 978-1-338-33083-0

They’re cutting funding at Sarai’s school and her band program is the first to go, so she decides to organize a benefit concert to raise money.

Los tipos malos en el conejillo contraataca

(The Bad Guys in the Furball Strikes Back)

Scholastic en Español

ISBN 978-1-338-30010-9

Mr. Wolf and his bad buddies have messed with the wrong guinea pig—one who is secretly an evil mad scientist.