Arte Público Press

The Boy Who Touched the Stars/El niño que alcanzó las estrellas

José M. Hernández, illus. by Steven James Petruccio

ISBN 978-1-55885-882-4

This bilingual picture book will introduce children to the concept of space travel. The author’s story is likely to motivate kids to set goals and reach for their own dreams. Ages 5–9.

Letters from Heaven/Cartas del cielo

Lydia Gil

ISBN 978-1-55885-798-8

Celeste is heartbroken when her grandmother dies and nothing can make her feel better. But everything changes when letters mysteriously come in the mail from Grandma, each with a recipe of a favorite food she used to prepare. Celeste follows her grandmother’s advice and consoles herself by learning how to cook the dishes. Ages 9–12.

My Shoes and I: Crossing Three Borders/Mis zapatos y yo: Cruzando tres fronteras

René Colato Laínez, illus. by Fabricio Vanden Broeck

ISBN 978-1-55885-884-8

Sharing his own experiences, Colato Laínez’s bilingual picture book brings to life the experiences of many young children who make the arduous journey from Central America to the U.S. in search of a better life. Ages 4–8.

Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Chupacabras/Vincent Ventura y el misterio del chupacabras

Xavier Garza

ISBN 978-1-55885-869-5

With this book, Garza launches a new series for intermediate readers: A Monster Fighter Mystery/Serie Exterminador de monstrous. When stray dogs start disappearing from his neighborhood, Vincent’s dad thinks that maybe animal control is finally doing its job. But then Mrs. Rangel’s celebrity chihuahua Chato disappears, and Mrs. García’s weiner dog and Mrs. West’s poodle go missing. Ages 8–12.

Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Witch Owl/Vincent Ventura y el misterio de la bruja lechuza

Xavier Garza, translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura

ISBN 978-1-55885-890-9

Vincent wakes up one night to the sound of screeching tires outside of his bedroom window. He looks out and sees a man and a girl about his age rush into a rented house. Before closing the front door, the man scans the sky as if he’s looking for something. Oddly, they don’t turn on any lights and the house remains pitch black, as if no one were home. Ages 8–12.

Cinco Puntos Press

Curse of the Fallen Angel/Maximilian Lucha Libre Adventures

Xavier Garza

ISBN 978-1-947627-31-4

Maximilian has been nuts about lucha libre his whole life. But he’s not just a nerdy middle schooler; three years ago, he discovered that he’s part of lucha libre royalty. His uncle is the most famous luchador, the Guardian Angel. But now, the masked hero is facing a wild new wrestler who might just topple him from his lucha libre throne. Ages 7–14.

Ghost Fever/Mal de Fantasma

Joe Hayes

ISBN 978-1-933693-03-3

Hayes tells the story of a haunted house in a poor little town in Arizona. Even when the landlord offers free rent, nobody moves in because they know a ghost lives there—that is, until Elena’s father rents it. Ages 10–12.

The Weeping Woman/La Llorona

Joe Hayes

ISBN 978-0-938317-39-5

This ghost story of the crying woman has sold more than 600,000 copies and is based on a popular story in Hispanic America. Hayes retells the tale of a beautiful woman whose fear and jealousy dooms her to an eternal search for all she’s lost. Ages 9–12.

Lectura Books

A New Sun/Un Nuevo Sol

Max Benavidez

ISBN 978-0-9772852-0-4

This is a book about the reflections of an immigrant arriving in a new land. Ages 5–10.

The Shark That Taught Me English/El tiburon que me enseñó inglés

by Michelle Markel, illus. by Bo Young Kim

ISBN 978-1-60448-002-3

This is the story of a girl who comes to the U.S. and speaks only Spanish. Her teacher uses a shark as teaching tool to help her learn English. By the end of the book, the girl is so good at English that she’s teaching it to her father. Ages 5–6.

Lectorum Publications


Kathleen Contreras, illus. Margaret Lindmark

ISBN 978-1-933032-27-6

This story shows the importance of family and of reading while also emphasizing the rewards of passing along cultural traditions. Bela and her grandma love to tell stories, braid hair, and play loteria with the family. Ages 5–8.

Sweet Memories/Dulces Recuerdos

Kathleen Contreras, illus. Margaret Lindmark

ISBN 978-1-933032-91-7

A boy and his grandfather share memories and their love of paletas, the delicious frozen treats that originated in Michoacan. Ages 4–8.

Lee & Low Books

Family Pictures/Cuadros de familia

Carmen Lomas Garza

ISBN 978-0-89239-207-0

This is the story of Lomas Garza’s girlhood: celebrating birthdays, making tamales, finding a hammerhead shark on the beach, picking cactuses, going to a fair in Mexico, and confiding to her sister her dreams of becoming an artist. Ages 6–11.

From North to South/Del Norte al Sur

Rene Colato Laínez, illus. by Joe Cepeda

ISBN 978-0-89239-304-6

José loves helping Mamá in the garden outside their home in California. But when Mamá is sent back to Mexico for not having proper papers, José and his Papá face an uncertain future. Ages 5–8.

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/Marisol McDonald no combina

Monica Brown, illus. by Sara Palacios

ISBN 978-0-89239-235-3

Marisol McDonald has flaming red hair and nut-brown skin. Polka dots and stripes are her favorite combination. She likes peanut butter and jelly burritos in her lunch box, and she enjoys being a soccer playing pirate princess. To McDonald, these seemingly mismatched things make perfect sense together. Ages 4–8.

Rainbow Weaver/Tejedora del arcoíris

Linda Sue Marshall, illus. by Elisa Chavarri

ISBN 978-0-89239-374-9

Ixchel wants to follow in the long tradition of weaving on backstrap looms, just as her mother, grandmother, and most Mayan women have done for more than two thousand years. But Ixchel’s mother is too busy preparing her weavings for market. If they bring a good price, they will have money to pay for Ixchel’s school and books. And besides, there is not enough extra thread for Ixchel to practice with. Ages 5–8.

Scholastic en Español

Baby Shark/Bebé Tiburón

John John Bajet

ISBN 978-1-338-60112-1

Read, dance, and sing along to this favorite classic song featuring a baby shark, mama shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, and more underwater pals. Ages 3–5.

The Noisy Little Rooster/El gallito ruidoso

Carmen Agra Deedy, illus. by Eugene Yelchin

ISBN 978-1-338-11414-0

Pura Belpre Honoree Agra Deedy and Newbery Honor author-illustrator Yelchin have created a powerful tale that celebrates the spirit of freedom. Ages 4–8.

We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands/ Tenemos el mundo entero en las manos

Rafael López

ISBN 978-1-338-29950-2

Illustrator López breathes new life into this famous spiritual, which is a culturally relevant celebration of diversity. Ages 3–5.

We recently asked several publishers to each pick a few bilingual titles for young readers that they are proud of or excited about. Some titles have been around for years; others are forthcoming. Discover or rediscover these great bilingual books for different age groups.