Berta Isla

(Berta Isla)

Javier Marías

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-1-984-89825-8

A novel of intrigue and missed chances—a spy story and an examination of a marriage founded on secrets and lies.

La razón de estar contigo. La historia de Ellie

(Ellie’s Story: A Dog’s Purpose Puppy Tale)

W. Bruce Cameron


ISBN 978-84-17167-06-6

Ellie is trained as a search-and-rescue dog to track down lost children in forests or find victims under fallen buildings. But Ellie must do more.



Chris Fabry


ISBN 978-1-4964-3866-9

An inspiring family drama that asks the question: what do you allow to define you?


El código de curación

(The Healing Code)

Alexander Loyd & Ben Johnson


ISBN 978-84-414-3928-3

With more than one million copies sold worldwide, this resource aims to help readers heal from mental or physical illness.

College para todos

(College for All)

Ana Maria Jaramillo


ISBN 978-84-16997-16-9

A guide for parents who want to help their children navigate the complicated educational system of the U.S., by a journalist and mother of two.

De donde son los gusanos: Crónica de un regreso a Cuba después de 37 años de exilio

(Where Worms Come From: A Chronicle of a Return to Cuba After 37 Years in Exile)

Néstor Díaz de Villegas

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-1-984-89841-8

After 37 years in exile, commentator and journalist Díaz de Villegas returns to Cuba to rebuild his family home.

La dieta de prevención y tratamiento del alzhéimer

(The Alzheimer’s Prevention & Treatment Diet)

Richard Isaacson & Christopher Ochner


ISBN 978-84-9111-447-5

This work outlines a cutting-edge nutritional program that will be of interest to Alzheimer’s patients and to those who want to maintain mental agility for years to come.

Manual para padres primerizos

(Manual for First-Time Parents)

José María Lloreda García


ISBN 978-84-17057-77-0

This guide for new parents covers medical tests, breastfeeding, hospital advice, and more.


Chancho la estrella

(Pig the Star)

Aaron Blabey

Scholastic en Español

ISBN 978-1-338-35909-1

A humorous and cautionary tale about stealing the show from the award-winning creator of the Pig the Pug series.

Maisy: Un día con Maisy

(Maisy’s Day Out: A First Words Book)

Lucy Cousins


ISBN 978-84-488-5216-0

Babies and toddlers are able to explore the many things in Maisy’s world with this tabbed board book.

La misión de Rox

(All the Fairies in the Kingdom)

Laura Gallego


ISBN 978-607-31-7757-3

The story of a fairy godmother who helps young maidens and aspiring heroes to achieve their own happy endings, until everything starts to get complicated.