This season features many books on using eco-friendly products and practices to promote sustainable living. Martha Stewart also offers essential home living life hacks.

Top 10

Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

Shannon Lee. Flatiron, Oct. 6 ($25.99, ISBN 978-1-250-20668-8)

Bruce Lee’s daughter shares concepts of her father’s philosophy to demonstrate how lessons from martial arts can serve as tools of personal growth and self-actualization.

The Case for Keto: Rethinking Weight Control and the Science and Practice of Low-Carb/High-Fat Eating

Gary Taubes. Knopf, Dec. 29 ($26.96, ISBN 978-0-525-52006-1)

Science and health journalist Taubes argues that low-carbohydrate, high-fat/ketogenic diets can help readers achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The French Art of Not Trying Too Hard

Ollivier Pourriol, trans. by Helen Stevenson. Penguin, Sept. 8 ($20, ISBN 978-0-14-313549-4)

Philosopher Pourriol draws on examples of such French luminaries as Descartes, Rodin, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Françoise Sagan to explore conceptions of how to live a better life without strain.

The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life

Edith Eva Eger. Scribner, Nov. 24 ($22.99, ISBN 978-1-982143-09-1)

Psychologist Eger follows up her bestselling The Choice with this exploration of 12 pervasive imprisoning beliefs and the tools she has developed for dealing with them.

The Ideal Planner

Emma Chamberlain. Gallery, Aug. 18 ($29.99, ISBN 978-1-982141-91-2)

Chamberlain, a YouTuber with nearly nine million followers, combines scrapbooking and guided journaling in this eclectic planner, which includes mood boards, puzzles, games, lists, and quotes from the author.

It’s Never Too Late: Make the Next Act of Your Life the Best Act of Your Life

Kathie Lee Gifford. Thomas Nelson, Dec. 1 ($26.99, ISBN 978-0-7852-3664-1)

Former Today host Gifford reveals her story of struggle and success as inspiration for readers to go after dreams and embrace change.

Martha Stewart’s Very Good Things: Simple Tips and Genius Ideas for an Easier and More Beautiful Life

Martha Stewart. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Jan. 5 ($30, ISBN 978-1-328-50826-3)

Stewart provides time-saving tips and stress reduction strategies related to cooking, crafting, gardening, organizing, and entertaining.

Rude: Stop Being Nice and Start Being Bold

Rebecca Reid. Simon & Schuster, Dec. 1 ($26, ISBN 978-1-982140-82-3)

British journalist Reid considers famous women who have been perceived as rude—Princess Margaret, Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift, Meghan Markle—to address how being taught not to be rude can prevent women from being successful.

Sweat: A History of Exercise

Bill Hayes. Bloomsbury, Jan. 19 ($28, ISBN 978-1-62040-228-3)

Hayes offers up a cultural, scientific, literary, and personal history of exercise with an emphasis on the largely forgotten Renaissance-era Italian physician Girolamo Mercuriale.

Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

Katherine May. Knopf, Dec. 1 ($24, ISBN 978-0-593-18948-1)

Memoirist May explores the transformative power of rest and retreat, encourages the active acceptance of sadness, and considers the ways life operates cyclically.

Listings: Body, Mind & Spirit

Andrews McMeel

The Spirit of Botany: Aromatic Recipes and Rituals by Jill McKeever (Sept. 22, $24.99, ISBN 978-1-5248-5459-1). Perfumer McKeever explores how to harvest wild plant materials for use in incense, perfume, and self-care rituals.

Bear & Co.

Dreaming Techniques: Working with Night Dreams, Daydreams, and Liminal Dreams by Serge Kahili King (Nov. 3, $16 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-59143-388-0) shares techniques to harness the power of dreams, as well as interpretation strategies.

Castle Point

What’s Your F*cking Sign? Sweary Astrology for You and Me by Amelia Wood (Oct. 27, $17.99, ISBN 978-1-250-27228-7) introduces the 12 signs of the zodiac with irreverent descriptions of each one’s personality traits and how they correspond to love, work, and home.


Moon Bath: Bathing Rituals and Recipes for Relaxation and Vitality by Dakota Hills and Sierra Brashear (Sept. 15, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-4521-8477-7) provides 16 bath and shower rituals tied to lunar cycles that make use of natural ingredients, affirmations, and meditations.


Tarot: Connect with Yourself, Develop Your Intuition, Live Mindfully by Tina Gong (Oct. 6, $25, ISBN 978-1-4654-9938-7) explores each of the 78 Major and Minor Arcana, including instructions for conducting readings and customizing different tarot spreads.

Harper Design

Our Tarot: A Guidebook and Deck Featuring Notable Women in History by Sarah Shipman (Sept. 29, $39.99, ISBN 978-0-06-290985-5) connects 78 women from history to the traditional archetypes and meanings associated with tarot, including Jane Addams, Frida Kahlo, Beatrix Potter, Zora Neale Hurston, Cleopatra, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Ida B. Wells.


Enchanted Herbal: Connect to Nature & Celebrate the Seasons by Gail Bussi (Dec. 8, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-7387-6611-9) presents recipes, meditations, and rituals to help readers be in touch with nature.

New World Library

Growing Big Dreams: Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Through Twelve Secrets of the Imagination by Robert Moss (Nov. 10, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-60868-704-6) explains how to harness the power of setting an intention and visualizing goals to help bring about the life one envisions.


Crystal Clear: Reflections on Extraordinary Talismans for Everyday Life by Jaya Saxena (Dec. 1, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-68369-203-4) explores the history, properties, and appeal of using crystals for self-care.

RedFeather Mind Body Spirit

Creating Smudge Sticks: 15 Projects to Remove Negative Energy and Promote Wellness by Peg Couch (Aug. 28, $24.99, ISBN 978-0-7643-5999-6) instructs readers on how to use flowers, plants, and herbs to help remove negative energy and enhance mindfulness and creativity.

St. Martin’s Essentials

The Tarot: The Original Teachings Revealed by Arthur Edward Waite (Oct. 27, $45, ISBN 978-1-250-62290-7) includes 11 books of tarot from the 19th and 20th centuries, many of which have fallen out of print.


I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself, and Coming Back Home to Soul by Christine Gutierrez (Aug. 25, $24, ISBN 978-0-593-08664-3). Psychotherapist Gutierrez uses mantras, meditations, and journaling prompts to help women harness their primal energy for healing from trauma and reclaiming their self-esteem.

Health & Fitness


Fast Asleep: Improve Brain Function, Lose Weight, Boost Your Mood, Reduce Stress, and Get a Really Good Night’s Rest by Michael Mosley (Oct. 6, $27, ISBN 978-1-982106-92-8). A nutrition and health journalist reveals a sleep program to help readers improve brain function, lose weight, boost their mood, and reduce stress.


Feel Better in 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life by Chatterjee Rangan (Sept. 1, $21.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-950665-68-6) outlines a daily five-minute health plan, including a strength workout, yoga poses, and breathing exercises.


Dear Doctor: What Doctors Don’t Ask, What Patients Need to Say by Marilyn McEntyre (Sept. 22, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-5064-6047-5). A professor of medical humanities at the UC Berkeley–UCSF Joint Medical Program composes an open letter to doctors to consider the fears and needs of patients.


The Healing Powers of Herbs and Spices: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Timeless Treasures by Cal Orey (Dec. 29, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-8065-4048-1). The ninth installment of the Healing Powers series from nutrition writer Orey explores how herbs and dried spices can provide home cures, weight loss benefits, and beauty treatments.

Grand Central

The CBD Bible: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution That Will Change Your Life by Dani Gordon (Sept. 15, $17.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-5387-3606-7) clarifies topics and myths surrounding the cannabis plant, including how to make use of it for wellness and to treat medical conditions.


Pain & Prejudice: How the Medical System Ignores Women—and What We Can Do About It by Gabrielle Jackson (Oct. 13, $19.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-77164-716-8). Guardian reporter Jackson shares her story of living with endometriosis to explore ways that women are underserved by health care systems.

Harper Wave

The Energy Paradox by Steven R. Gundry (Dec. 22, $29.99, ISBN 978-0-06-300573-0). The director of the International Heart and Lung Institute offers a plan for boosting energy that expands on his previous work on the microbiome, mitochondrial health, and linking immune malfunction to symptoms of fatigue.

Johns Hopkins Univ.

Helping Others with Depression: Words to Say, Things to Do by Susan J. Noonan (Dec. 29, $19.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-4214-3930-3). Physician Noonan provides a guide for family members and friends of those with depression or bipolar disorder.

Little, Brown Spark

Cannabis Is Medicine: How CBD and Medical Cannabis Are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain by Bonni Goldstein (Sept. 29, $22.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-316-50078-4). A specialist in pediatric emergency medicine explains the science behind the use of medical cannabis for 28 common health conditions and describes recent research into the human endocannabinoid system.

Melville House

What We Didn’t Expect: Personal Stories about Premature Birth, edited by Melody Schreiber (Nov. 10, $18.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-61219-860-6), brings together stories of those who have parented, cared for, or been preemies themselves, including essays from Pramila Jayapal, Tyrese Coleman, Anne Thériault, Sarah DiGregorio, and Dan Koboldt.

Park Street

Cannabis Healing: A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of CBD, THC, and Other Cannabinoids by Franjo Grotenhermen (Oct. 6, $19.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-62055-831-7) explores the biochemistry of cannabinoids and how to use these substances to treat a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

St. Martin’s

The Disease of the Century: How Alzheimer’s Became a Crisis and What We Can Do about It by Jason Karlawish (Nov. 3, $27.99, ISBN 978-1-250-21873-5). A professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and co-director of the Penn Memory Center traces Alzheimer’s disease from its discovery and tells the story of biomedical breakthroughs that may allow it to be prevented and treated by medicine.


Fasting Fix: Eat Smarter, Fast Better, Live Longer by Andreas Michalsen (Dec. 29, $28, ISBN 978-1-984880-15-4). Michalsen, a professor of clinical complementary medicine at the Charité University Medical Center in Berlin, lays out the science behind how fasting, combined with a healthy diet, can help people manage chronic illness and live longer lives.

Home & Hobbies


The Kinfolk Garden: How to Live with Nature by John Burns (Oct. 27, $40, ISBN 978-1-57965-984-4) explores ways to incorporate the natural world into indoor life, including making the garden a place for work.

Black & White

The Coorie Home: Beautiful Scottish Living by Beth Pearson (Oct. 1, $24.95, ISBN 978-1-78530-267-1). Designer Pearson introduces Scottish coorie coziness, which, in the vein of Danish hygge, can help readers create more welcoming homes.


How Pac-Man Eats by Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Dec. 15, $35, ISBN 978-0-262-04465-3). A professor of computational media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, considers the ways game design and storytelling relate, with examples drawn from indie games, art games, and research games.

Mitchell Beazley

Why French Women Wear Vintage: And Other Secrets of Sustainable Style by Alois Guinut (Sept. 1, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-78472-669-0) exposes the environmental damage of fast fashion and explores eco-conscious ways to build a wardrobe.


The Nautical Puzzle Book by the National Maritime Museum (Nov. 3, $26.99, ISBN 978-1-5293-2281-1) offers hundreds of trivia questions as well as maps, word games, charts, and facts about all things seaworthy.

Penguin Books

Mend! A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto by Kate Sekules (Sept. 8, $20 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-14-313500-5) shows how to fix garments and customize one’s wardrobe, including tips for buying less, swapping clothes, and embracing vintage.

Running Press

Killer Plants: Growing and Caring for Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, and Other Deadly Flora by Molly Williams (Sept. 29, $17, ISBN 978-0-7624-9926-7) provides guidance on how to choose, grow, and care for carnivorous and predatory plants such as Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and sundews.

Ryland Peters & Small

Home for the Soul: Sustainable and Thoughtful Decorating and Design by Sara Bird and Dan Duchars (Sept. 8, $29.95, ISBN 978-1-78879-241-7) details how to create a stylish home that is also sustainable by using nontoxic vegan paints, ethically sourced decorations, and organic fabrics.


The Art of Kintsugi: Learning the Japanese Craft of Beautiful Repair by Alexandra Kitty (Oct. 28, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-7643-6054-1). Artist Kitty introduces the Japanese art form of kintsugi, which transforms broken pieces of plates, glass, or ceramics into new art creations.

Ten Speed

Food52 Your Do-Anything Kitchen: The Trusty Guide to a Smarter, Tidier, Happier Space by the editors of Food52 (Sept. 1, $19.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-399-58156-4) lays out strategies for organizing kitchen storage, arranging cooking utensils, and maximizing counter space.

Thunder Bay

52 Nature Craft Projects by Barbora Kurcova (Aug. 4, $15.99, ISBN 978-1-64517-244-4) teaches readers how to use materials foraged from the outdoors to create art, gifts, decorations, and home accessories.


Abrams Image

Make Time for Creativity: Finding Space for Your Most Meaningful Work (a Self-Guide) by Brandon Stosuy (Sept. 8, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-4197-4653-6) brings together artists’ perspectives on work-life balance, daily rituals, and setting intentions, and includes quotes from David Byrne, Emma Kohlmann, Jia Tolentino, and others.

Clarkson Potter

Read This for Inspiration: Simple Sparks to Ignite Your Life by Ashly Perez (Dec. 15, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-593-13533-4). A former BuzzFeed writer and video producer provides feminist perspectives on self-care and shares inspirational quotes from Greta Gerwig, Maya Angelou, and Bobby Berk, among others.

The Experiment

Making Space: How to Live Happier by Setting Boundaries That Work for You by Jayne Hardy (Nov. 10, $14.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-61519-724-8). The founder of the depression outreach organization Blurt Foundation guides readers on how to better protect one’s physical, emotional, and digital spaces by setting boundaries.

Grand Central

The Book of Moods: How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life by Lauren Martin (Dec. 8, $27, ISBN 978-1-5387-3362-2). Lauren, founder of the website Words of Women, shares self-care techniques that helped her find peace and stability.

Hachette Go

Embrace the Suck: The Navy Seal Way to an Extraordinary Life by Brent Gleeson (Dec. 22, $26, ISBN 978-0-306-84633-5). A Navy SEAL veteran combines personal stories and behavioral science research to show readers how to remove temptation, build self-discipline, expand one’s comfort zone, and live a more purpose-driven life.

Harper Wave

Blowing My Way to the Top: How to Break the Rules, Find Your Purpose, and Create an Awesome Life by Jen Atkin (Dec. 8, $27.99, ISBN 978-0-06-294055-1) addresses the challenges women face in business, offering advice from Atkin’s own experiences as a celebrity hairstylist and tips for running one’s business.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Niksen Way: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing by Olga Mecking (Jan. 12, $19.99, ISBN 978-0-358-39531-7). Journalist and translator Mecking guides readers in how to do nothing the Dutch way.


Beginners by Tom Vanderbilt (Jan. 5, $27.95, ISBN 978-1-524-73216-5) explores how culture writer Vanderbilt’s year spent learning five new skills—chess, singing, surfing, drawing, and juggling—showed him the joys of starting something new at any age.

Rainbow Ridge

Chasing My Son Across Heaven: A Story of Life, Loss and the Strength of Enduring Love by V. Joy Pavelich (Aug. 20, $16.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-937907-66-2). Pavelich, whose 20-year-old son committed suicide in 2014, uses her son’s story to consider youth mental health and post-traumatic stress.

Simon & Schuster

Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty (Sept. 8, $27, ISBN 978-1-982134-48-8) distills meditation lessons from monks in the Hindu tradition to aid readers in overcoming negative thoughts and relieving anxiety.


On Adulting: The Millennials’ Guide to Figuring Out Who You Want to Be by Katina Mountanos (Nov. 3, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-5107-5882-7). Blogger Mountanos suggests a blueprint for being a more mindful, happy grown-up, including tips for finding one’s passion and fostering mindset shifts.


Badass Habits: Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick by Jen Sincero (Dec. 1, $26, ISBN 978-1-984877-43-7). Life coach Sincero offers a 21-day guide for changing bad habits and developing good ones.

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